Sunday, October 23, 2011

Really? October is Almost Over?

On some occasions, I plan  far ahead and succeed.

On other occasions, I do minimal planning and still succeed.

 I'm now at the point where I'm trying to do as little as possible,
and still be able to call the occasion a success.

Take fall decorating, for instance.

I usually love to begin the school year with a bang
and decorate my house with all kinds of cool fall things.

Last year, I did an awesome job.
Last year, it took a long time to take it down.
Last year, I didn't get the fall decorations in the attic till summer.

This year, I'm a little slow on the uptake.

My game plan had to change because my life is different.

Instead of rummaging through my attic, we went to a local outdoor market.

My faithful sidekick and companion, Rebekah,
chose the best pumpkin of all.

Really, she did.

Notice the mild weather?
Lovin' it!

For the years I feel more maroony and less orangey
the new white pumpkins are great.

Nothing says fall better than these babies,

and one of these.

When we got home I put someone else in charge.
Yea, the blonde one, not the burlap one.

She decorated the buffet with my green glassware and her
farmers' market finds.

It was a thrill for Rebekah to "be in charge"
arranging, rearranging and calling out for my approval.

It's so wonderful to give kids a little boot out of the nest,
and see where they fly.

A bag contained mini gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn.
(Are we still allowed to call it that?  The name always makes me feel so not PC)

Pedestal bowls are a great way to decorate for the seasons
simply and inexpensively.

The green felt placemat is from Target, I found three and nabbed them.
I also put one on the mantle and one on the coffee table.

I also have pedestals in clear glass.
For years, my Christmas centerpiece was vintage glass balls
with bits of evergreen cut from a tree in our yard.

Even branches, pinecones and leaves can look amazing.

Place a few mini pumpkins where candles used to sit
and you have instant fall decorating.

No fuss, no frills, no ladder climbing,
and all can go into my compost at the end of the season.

I might go into the attic and pull out a few more things,
but I am giving myself permission not to, if I don't wanna'.

Sometimes, our best ideas come when we have to simplify our lives.

We women like to beat ourselves up with all these imagined rules
we have about how our homes, holidays and closets should look.

Learn to enjoy the moment.

You may be creating even better family memories.

Besides, we all know,

"If Momma Ain't Happy,
Ain't Nobody Happy"
and for now,
simplifying my life,
is what's making this Momma happy.

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  1. Love it!! Mama's happy, the house looks great and your daughter has some great practice in keeping a home one day! Fall blessings to you all.

  2. Your daughter did a great job! It's fun to "pass the torch" so to speak and let the kids go at it. I taught our oldest dd how to make the family pies and I haven't had to bake a holiday pie in years. My, you and I are certainly SMART!!

  3. and when momma is happy, dad is happy . . .

  4. . . . dad being her dearly beloved husband . . . but it is more than that, we all work to make each other's life's simpilar, which makes us all happier.

  5. AWE! I love fall...not necessarily Halloween- and you've decorated in a way that I believe honors God. :) Honors the season's he's created for us to enjoy...celebrating family and fun traditions! beautiful!

  6. We miss pumpkin patches up here. We are already deep in snow and in the single digit numbers at night. It kinda feels like the season for decorating for fall skipped me this year ;) We actually have to hang our Christmas lights in the next week or so, or we have been warned that it is going to be just to darn cold to hang them. Can you believe that?

  7. I love it! Very cute and Fall-ish (is that a word, lol!). My 22 year old is very big on family traditions and upholding them.

    So when he comes home from college for Thanksgiving break he is rather insistent that we decorate for Christmas before he goes back, because "that's what we do."

    So that weekend is a blur of boxes and decorations but he helps! I have to admit I love the help.

    I have taken pictures in the past of where everything goes. Not because I really care but because the job goes so much faster when you don't have to stand around wondering where to put everything.

    Then, you can move things around afterwards if you want, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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