Thursday, October 13, 2011


I found myself wishing,
as I shut my eyes for two minutes inbetween
 finishing school with one child and picking up another child from college,
 I could have an extra
24 hours
in a day.
Just one extra day, I don't ask for much.

Only I would get that extra time,
nobody else in the world, especially my children.
They'd be in a time warp where they couldn't
make any more messes,
eat any more groceries,
dirty any more clothes,
take any more scissors or tape,
or ask me any other questions.

Speaking of questions, while I was pondering this miracle in my mind,
 another child, who was finishing homework asked,
"M-ah-ah-ahm,what's for dinner?"
The longer it takes him to say my name, the hungrier he is.

In my mind I was thinking, "Dude, the same as every night, I don't know!"
Instead I politely mumbled, "I don't know."

I went back to dreaming about that extra
24 hours
 all to myself.

What would I do? 
No, that would be a waste of time.

No,  I'm the one who wants the Wonka pill.
I wouldn't waste time eating, except for chocolate,
and I can eat chocolate along with
 whatever I do in my extra
24 hours.

What do I really want?
My house to be in order.

I want all my stuff to have a place
and all my stuff to be in its place.
I want my life to function  as smoothly
 as in the magazines.

When the kids were little, I was in total control.
 The house was clean, three meals were done, one or two loads of laudry done each day.
All that sleeping little kids do made this easy.

As the kids aged, their interests had to be added to my calendar.

Instead of cleaning my bathroom every day (yes I did that during cloth diaper days),
I've been wondering when was the last time I really cleaned it.  
 I don't mean the Lysol wipe clean, but the real clean.

I just want my house in order.
That extra 24 hours, I know it won't happen.  It's not logical.

But, I  always have 15 minutes. 
I learned that lesson years ago. I can always find 15 minutes each day.
I'm gunna' make a list of things that need to be done
and carve out a mere 15 minutes a day.

This could work.

365 x 15 =5475 minutes saved in a year
1440 minutes each day

3.8 extra days each year.

Not even four days a year gained?
That's not enough.
 Too much effort, for too little outcome.

I think I'm gunna' go back to just
about that
 extra 24 hours a day.

Clean and organized houses are overrated anyway,

Instead, I'll throw away those magazines
and finish my nap.
I plan on sleeping longer than 15 minutes......
24 hours.


  1. I once figured out how many extra days I get in a year by not wearing make-up. :-)

  2. Love it! So true..

    I long for 24 hrs alot as well, some days more than others. Usually it's on those rough days, I call it quits to cleaning or school or whatever we're 'trying' to do, pack up the kids and go for a drive with a ice cream cone or a burger... roll the windows down and crank the music with them. ;-) That's my litle secret...
    Or like yesterday, they piled in the car while I finished my make-up AND cleaned my bathroom... it's amazing what you CAN get done in 15 minutes when you really put your mind to it!!

  3. I hear ya, Sistah, but I think this is what they call "real life". Breathe deeply and calm yourself. The magazine stories are pure fiction. . .Make another list and drink a margarita, then you'll feel better. Works for me!

  4. Sounds like retirement during hunting season. Will this day ever come? I can only dream. ;)
    Ironically Baby just woke up from her nap....washer just peeped.... why am I on the www.? Haha.

  5. WAY WAY WAY over-rated!

    I honestly just want a mute button. My ears need a break once in a while.


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