Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lord Spoke to Me

In the Scriptures the Lord spoke
through the wind,
through a donkey,
through a still small voice,
through the prophets,
through the mouth of babes and
through a burning bush.

He speaks to His people,
but they don't always listen.

Sometimes, when we aren't listening,
He tries a different approach.

He's a gracious, patient God.

Two Sundays ago,  I was rummaging around in
a drawer in a Sunday school class.
Since I am the one who organizes and buys supplies,
I thought I knew what was in this drawer.

I was wrong.

Somehow, these verse cards appeared,
just when I needed them.
When I was beset by trials and not walking
in the peace that passes understanding,
the Lord spoke to me.

I deserved a knock upside the head,
because I wasn't believing all He had already promised.

But, the Lord spoke in quiet beauty instead.

This time, I heard Him,
I praised Him,
I cried,
and I believed Him.

Instead of that rap upside the head,
He beckoned me with a heart of eternal love,
everlasting grace and undeserving mercy.

I finally picked up the handle on the suitcase of His promises,
and began carrying it with me on my journey.


How has the Lord been speaking to you?

Has He given any extra encouragement just when you needed it?

I'd love to hear how He is working in your heart.

Because that's what kind of amazing God we have,
He loves to speak to His people.


  1. Mindy, what amazing timing for you with those words! Amen!!!

  2. So glad that He never gives up on us! :)

    Lately He's been speaking to my heart about my thoughts. Today I was convicted with the Fruit of the Spirit verses and that I need a lot more practice with them to fight my sinful thoughts. Thank you Lord for your patience with me.

  3. Thank you, Aunt Mindy. I needed those today as I was feeling a bit discouraged and down.

  4. What beautiful sustaining verses!
    The Lord has been showing me that I rely far too much on my own strength, that I need to trust Him more. He has proven over and over that He will never leave or forsake me. Now I just have remember that and trust Him with the lives of my loved ones as well.

  5. This morning I found this verse (of course, I never saw it before ;-)

    "O SING unto the LORD a new song; for he hath done marvelous thing: his right hand,and his holy arm hath gotten him the victory." (Psalm 98:!)

    It is so good to be reminded to have a song in my heart (if not coming out of my mouth)and to know that God's arms can reach our problems be it in our thoughts or other issues in our life.


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