Sunday, October 30, 2011

Laundry Schmaundry - Your Dryer Loves You or Loves You Not?

Some days my dryer loves me,
some days my dryer loves me not.

When my dryer dries my clothes quickly and efficiently,
it loves me.

When my dryer when shrinks a shirt, sets in a stain,
or turns a zipper into a roller coaster for Hot Wheels,
it loves me not.

So, in keeping with the theme
Laundry Schmaundry
I'll reveal secrets learned early in my married life
that keep the love relationship between my dryer and me healthy.

This is my dryer.
Yep, it's lookin' kinda' red neck.
But, hey, my hubby fixed it!
If you didn't read the epic saga, you might wanna'.
And, it's still working...
I've told you secrets about

Remember those dryer secrets I promised I'd tell?

1.  Stains still on the clothes when thrown in the dryer will always be on the clothes. Heat sets the stain. As you throw things in the dryer, check for stains and rewash.  It's cheaper than buying new clothes.

2.  Zippers that go in dryer will usually come out looking like roller coaster track. (Pants are the exception.)   Hang them to dry after finger pressing the zippers smooth.  Zippers are usually made out of a different fabric than the clothing.   Fabrics shrink at different rates. The majority of the zippered tops at the thrift store are there because the owner probably got tired of sitting down and having the zipper rise to meet her. 

This rule also applies to bras and fabrics with mixed fibers. Spandex shrinks less than cotton so the material can bubble. Heat also slowly depletes the integrity of the fabric, so you might not notice the damage until it's too late.

Sweaters rarely go in my dryer, they are also hung dry, sometimes just smoothed over the back of my couch.  I know, lazy, right?

My drying rack folds up and fits neatly between the washer and the wall.

3.  Pens left in pockets can break open in the dryer and like a Spin Art Machine and spread ink throughout the ENTIRE interior of the dryer.  Don't worry, in a few days it will completely dry and you can still use your dryer.  Names are not used to protect the guilty.  Gum can be scraped off the dryer, so can stickers, gummy candies and things too disgusting to even be correctly labeled. If you didn't check the pockets before washing, check before drying.

4.  If saving money, 1/2 dryer sheet works.  I also leave in the old one when toss in a new one.  It takes a few cycles to completely use up the stinky, static killing stuff.  You can also throw the used dryer sheet in the wash cycle to add a little extra whatever-it-is-that's-on-those-things to your water.

I don't like to iron and don't have time to iron.  I don't have time to rewash or redry a wrinkled load.  Kids shouldn't have to hunt in baskets of clean, wrinkled laundry to find something to wear.  I fold clothes into each person's basket, the kids are required to put them away.  I also have one basket for linens.  By disciplining yourself to take the time to fold immediately, you can save more time and money.

If you're really pressed for time, you can take clothes out from the dryer and lay flat on the dryer.  Come back to fold and put in baskets as soon as possible.

6.  Use correct hangers.  The pink one is for articles with sleeves.  The white hanger is for articles with straps.  If you all know this, then this is ONLY for my children, just in case they ever read my blog.  The white hanger leaves funny marks on the shoulders of dress shirts.

7. Clean lint trap with each load.  Yea, you might know this, but obviously, when you read these stats, a lot of people don't.  I could be saving lives, here, people.  Bear with me.  Some have the lint traps below the door, can dig in there and get out a lot of extra lint.  Once a year I unplug dryer, unscrew back and pull out lint and things.  Last year, score, 50 bobby pins were nestled in with lint near the fan. I  took an amazing picture but, surprise,  the card wasn't in the camera so the picture never showed up. 

8. Rolled up  hems means overdried, especially on heavy items, denim skirts and jeans.  Pockets with flaps can permanently dry askew. Finger press pocket flaps down, then partially dry in dryer or air dry. If previous overdrying has rolled up your hem, try ironing them dry.

9.  Keep fabric weight in mind.  If you put a pair of dark jeans with ten dark dress shirts, the shirts  dry first and are overdried by the time the jeans are dry.

If you don't like doing laundry
and you've read the entire
Laundry Schmaundry Series,
you might be overwhelmed with all my laundry rules.

Just remember, I designed my laundry system  out of a desperate need
to save money and time.

The more efficient your laundry system is,
the less time you'll be in your laundry room.
The more money you save,
the more money you'll have to shop.

What's not to love about that?
More time and money?
More time and more money just from doing your
Laundry Schmaundry
Momma Mindy's Secrets.


What's a tip you have to share I missed?

I'd love to hear from my readers!

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  1. Never knew you could over dry clothes ... wow! Thanks for sharing :)

    My favorite drier tip has been to use my clothes line, lol -- it gets rid of stains and they smell so fresh ... I just like the softness of my clothes out the drier though! Loved our tips and will be switching up my routine to use some.

  2. MM, I am totally gonna stick to the "you do the laundry, I'll do the cooking" offer. If I showed a picture of my laundry room, dear friend, you would probably pass out. You are still invited to visit my house anytime, but you are hereby banned from the laundry room (unless you want to do the laundry whilst I cook dinner!) ;)

  3. Wow, you are the Laundry Queen, girl! I have two drying racks and dry many (if not most) of our clothes on them. They last longer and look newer that way, but the waiting time is awful, lol!

    I usually dry the kid's t-shirts on the drying racks too, as well as my shirts, but now that the oldest is in college I just pop his in the dryer so that he can take them back with him.

    Towels, socks and underthings always go in the dryer, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  4. This is a good blogging series!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! I learned something new today! My mother made me and instilled in me the importance of folding clothes immediately after they are dry. A good habit that still works well for me today. Thanks for some great tips!


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