Saturday, October 29, 2011

Give out Gospel with Your Candy

When we were first married and had young children,
we were in a dilemna about Halloween.
We didn't want to participate,
but also felt awkward hanging around the house
with all the lights off, pretending we weren't home.

Then an older believer told us he used the opportunity to pass out tracts.
For one night out of the year, you have kids knocking on your door.

We decided to follow his example and make the most of the opportunity.

This has been our tradition for years.

I like to put the tract and the candy in a ziploc bag for efficiency.
I give 2-3 pieces of mid-sized items.

When we first moved into the neighborhood, we had very few visits.
As we've gotten to know the neighbors,
and gained a reputation for giving out a lot of candy,
more kids come knocking.
(I know this because I heard more than one kid say on the way to my door,
"This is the lady that gives out bags of candy!"

I've noticed the bounty is going up,
when we were kids you might get
one little Tootsie Roll.
Now, some people are giving out whole candy bars.
I don't have to go overboard, but I don't want to be stingy.

Last year we had about 80 guests, and we ran out.

This year I'm making 100 bags.

Some years I've had booklets on hands for the parents
along with special treats just for them.

This is a great Gospel booklet to give out,
with common questions people would ask,
and the answers the Lord would give from the Bible.

Is God Speaking?
What is God Like?
Who Am I?
What Went Wrong?
Is Sin Serious?

I've also created other fun Candy Gospel Ideas
you can see in this older post.
 I apologize for posting at the last minute.
I should have done this a week ago!

This year you can start small,
just pass out tracts you buy from a Christian bookstore.
If they don't have Halloween themed ones left, I use a cartoon type.
It's important to me that the Gospel is clear.

As those kids come knocking on your day,
pray over them.

You just might be the only mommy praying for that precious soul.

May you help bring blessing to the world's holiday!


  1. It's a great idea - but we haven't been able to give candy away, even trying. Partly it's because the houses in our neighborhood are farther apart, which equals a smaller haul. Even the neighborhood kids pack up and head further into town. The other problem is that we have no functioning porch light. Despite buying supplies year after year, and turning on every light in the house, nobody has ever come. So, we'll pray for the rest of you instead.

  2. What a great idea! If you're going to pass out candy, you might as well be passing out the gospel. Way to think outside the box!

  3. We did that for several years until the costumes just got to gorey. Our door has a big glass window, and my kids were just to frightened. So, we had to stop. Maybe we will do it again when they are older

  4. Thanks for mentioning that, Queen! Yes, it is scary for the younger kids. We keep them away from the doory with a fun movie or a game and snacks of their own. The trick-or-treaters are also getting older! I think some were in college...I think if you can grow a beard, you're probably too old to trick-or-treat!


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