Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Teaching With Toys

I love toys.

I have cherished memories of getting
exactly what I wanted for Christmas.
Mommy and Daddy were SO good to me!

One year it was the Quick Curl Barbie.
I spent hours curling, combing and fixing her hair.

Another year, I was spoiled with the Barbie camper bus.
Best Christmas ever!

The next year, the Barbie tent with all the accessories.
I still have many pieces.

Another dream come true?
Getting the Sunshine Family.
Yea, still have that, too.

Then the next Christmas,
I got the Sunshine Family Truck with a camper.

I'm deliriously happy just thinking about the hours of fun I had,
playing with these amazing toys.
If I knew how to buy off EBAY I would rebuy them all for Christmas.

When I feel that school might be getting a little....
I like to make the lessons more fun.
If the teacher is yawning, the student might as well take a nap.

I love to bring toys into the lesson to help turn on that
educational lightbulb a little more quickly.

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  1. Learning anything is so much easier when the learning is fun. Yea for toys! I so agree.

  2. Very true...fun always brings life to learning! xxx


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