Wednesday, October 12, 2011

But, MOM, I Neeeeeeeeed a Horse!

Like most young girls, Beka longs for a horse.

More than longs, she begs for a horse.

Her Daddy, being the kind and kinda' crazy man he is,
once promised her a pony if she never got married
 and lived with us forever.

OK, she was five at the time,
but he doesn't understand the power of words.
She heard the promise of the horse.
At five, she wasn't interested in marital status,
so pledging to be single to be a cowgirl meant nothing to her.

As she grows up, she  now realizes that maybe,
just maybe,
she might want to get married after all.
She wants kids, and she knows she needs a husband,
so the dilmena is pretty big in her 9 year old mind.

But, she really, really, really wants that horse Dad "promised."

"But, Mom, he promised!"

Like wives occasionally have to do,
I had to step up to the plate for my hubby.

I tried explaining to Beka that Daddy was just kidding.
"He promised."
I tried explaining there wasn't enough room in our backyard for a horse.
"Uh, huh, we can get rid of the trampoline."
 I tried explaining there were rules against having a horse in the city.
"Then we can move into the country."
I tried explaining and explaining and explaining.

That girl just wanted a horse.

So, like all good moms,
I got her a horse.

I found this lovely thing on the curb.
For free.

Who in their right mind would want this?

Then I bought this for $2. 
The stick was broken in half.

Who in their right mind would want a Stick Horse with a broken stick?

Combine those two things,
with this little Hubby Dun Did the Honey Do Thing....

and a little spray paint and you have


Can you believe,
I don't have a picture of the horse?

You have to use your imagination,
like I did to make it.

I assure you, it looks real.
I'm sure the neighbors might call the city on me
for unlawfully boarding a horse in the city.

With some boards and two folding chairs,
the horse pulls a wagon.

With a gun and a bandana,
the horse helps catch Bad Guys.

With a little spiritual dreaming on my part,
it's a tangible reminder of a great promise.

Proverbs 21:31
 The horse is prepared for the day of battle,
But deliverance is of the LORD.

Seriously, when I see horses,
I think of this verse.
I'm not just trying to cram a spiritual lesson into a boring blog.

We like to think our own talents, abilities, wisdoms and even
our spiritual understanding and prayers bring  victory.

We're wrong.

Victory or deliverance, is from the Lord.

I don't know about your current situation,
but  some trials have made me cry to the Lord for

We have the easy part,
we prepare the horse.

The Lord's responsible for the hard part,
the deliverance.

Do you need deliverance?

I'd love to pray for you.
Share your heart,
the battle that's raging,
and allow me help prepare your horse for battle.

I'm good at
preparing horses.


  1. I so want to find something funny to say to this post, but words, for once, fail me.

    I'll just say that I think you're very naughty, but that your Scriptural link is just perfect. And timely. I'm so glad we're not responsible for the deliverance bit.

    And I think Rebekah might just need some riding lessons. Maybe only a few? Please Mum?

  2. Believe me, the esteemed commenter above is rarely lost for words! Ha, you stumped Jeanne, congratulations!
    Your title made me smile even before I got over here. My grandsons love to stress that they neeeeeeeeed something, too.
    Praise God, it is he who delivers us in our weakness.

  3. Hope this new horse settles the debt and that her heart is stilled. Must say that you are a clever mama and that you really have your hubby's back covered.

    I'd love prayer for my daughter Lacianna (17)...her heart is a bit hard these days.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. Mindy, you are absolutely right. So many seem to think it is the number or quality of prayers that bring about deliverance. But the reality is it is God who delivers.
    I did notice an interesting verse regarding quantity of prayers.
    2Co 1:11 as you also help us by your prayers for us. Then many people will thank God on our behalf because of the favor shown us through the prayers of many.
    He says quantity is good because then there will be a higher quantity will thank God.
    I just thought that was an interesting, neat, and different perspective than most seem to have today :-)

  5. I was promised a "pony" when Hubs finished residency....then we moved to Alaska. Oh well. I know God has plans for me in AK that are bigger than my "pony", but MAN, I miss riding a LOT. ;)

    If a girl loves horses, she never out grows them. ;)

  6. LOL!!
    I'm lovin' the horse as that's the only type I'd ever be able to ride.

    Please go visit Chatty Crone

    She could really use a good horse today.

  7. I was one of the lucky girls. I had a horse growing up, but I really didn't appreciate it until I was out of the house and had to sell my horse because we lived in town. Sigh. So glad your daughter finally got her horse! You are such a good mom :) Love your spiritual lesson to go with it :) That is a great verse.

  8. Mindy ~ you MUST stop by our neck of the woods next time in MN & let the poor girl ride a REAL horse :)


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