Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bubble Gum Wrapper Trail

I wondered about my decision to put gum in the Christmas stockings ....

....when I found this on the floor a few days after Christmas.

I thought my children were too old for such shenanigans.

This wouldn't have been so bad...

 ...if it hadn't been accompanied by these.

These wouldn't have been so bad...

...if they hadn't been accompanied by these.

These wouldn't have been so bad...

...if it hadn't resulted in this.

This wouldn't have been so bad...

if it hadn't resulted in this.
Didja' know there is actually etiquette for chewing gum?

I kinda' get the feeling that chewing a
whole pack of gum at once
might be slightly discouraged in cultured circles.

I kinda' get the feeling that blowing a bubble that was
nearly as big as your head before it popped
might also be frowned upon in public.
We learned long ago that Poppa Bear isn't always
 the leader of the pack when it comes to manners.

Maybe it wasn't a clear, thoughtful idea to buy the gum,
but, since a merry heart does good like a medicine,
the laughs he provided made up for the lack of etiquette.

I guess next year,

the hubby
will not be getting a package of bubble gum in his stocking.

He'll be getting two.


My Dad taught me this little poem,
taught to him by his father.

The gum chewing girl,
and the cud chewing cow,
they are alike,
yet different somehow.

Ah, yes,
I see it now,
it's the clear thoughtful expression,
on the face of the cow.



  1. That's halarius.

    My hubby (Scott) and I were just talking about gum - on Sunday, in church, for that matter.

    He doesn't usually chew gum and actually wanted a peice. I just happened to have some with me.
    Anyway... what is/was funny to me was how our gum went "dead" around the same time and we were discreetly trying to rid of it - I whipered..."let's swallow it"... like we used to do as kids.

    We didn't...

    But. I was reminded of how, as kids, my siblings and I would chew a piece of gum for days...keeping it alive by sticking it into our glass of water at meals, and by sticking it onto our headboards or nightside tables at night, for the next morning.

    Sometimes our mom would give us ABC gum. You know what that is? Already Been Chewed. We didn't mind... because we didn't know.

    "Dead Gum" is just horrible,after awhile.... so why not chew it up first, get the flavor out and pass it on?! ;)
    She just may have been on to something.

  2. ohh thanks for the laugh! very very similar problem this year at our green pastures EXCEPT it wasn't my hubby. lol....

  3. So does he purposefully bait you to see if you'll follow a trail with your camera? ;) What a trouble maker.

  4. We are on "gum restriction" around here. You would cry if I told you the places I have found chewed gum!

  5. I forgot that famous gum poem. Thanks for reminding me.


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