Monday, January 3, 2011

Plunging into the New Year

Since my living room once again looks like Christmas threw up all over it,
I am still using Nan's words,
and life goes on no matter how much laundry
and how little groceries you have,
I had to jump into the new year with both feet.

Growing up, I never was the bold just-jump-right-in kinda girl.

I was the, stick-your-toes-in and get used to it,
then, wade up to your ankles, then your knees kinda girl.
Sometimes, at that point, I would be so traumatized by the cold lake water,
 it's melted snow in Montana, ya' know,
I would get back out,
then have to start the toe-dipping all over again.

When we went swimming in the Helena Municipal Pool,
try saying that with half your baby teeth missing,
I tried the high dive a few times.

I bravely climbed the tall ladder,
that was the easy part,
slowly walked to the edge of the diving board.

Just writing about this I am getting worried and dizzy.

Then, I would stand there,
barely daring to look down,
and trying to muster enough bravery to jump.

Once, I tried to walk back. 
The lifeguard blew the whistle and hollered at me.
Then, the other kids chimed in. 

I had no choice, I HAD to jump.

It wasn't horrible, and I didn't die,
so I went back a few more times.
It never was FUN for me, but I got used to it.

Monday, I had no choice. 
I had to jump, there's no climbing back down the ladder of life.
Christmas had to come down,
school had to start.

There was no time to dibble-dabble my toes in the shallow edges
 of responsibility before taking the plunge.

I waded right in, shuddering a bit at the difference in temperature.

But, like most, I enjoy school, I enjoy routine,
and I enjoy how big my house feels when Christmas is back in the attic.

I'm renewed to clean, sort and organize the dismal winter months away.

My sewing machine is back up in the corner,
we're back to scrounging the house for sharp pencils
(why didn't I put some in the stockings!?!?!?!?)
and we're back to eating normal things for meals,
instead of the Norwegian breakfasts of coffee and cOOkies.
(you pronounce the oo's  long and accented)

I took the plunge into the new year and I get the feeling
 that by the time I come up for air,
I'll be gasping in summer air.


  1. I like to take my Christmas stuff down just before New Years so that we're all tidy at the start of the year. I'm not usually this determined to be organized but the Christmas stuff that turns to clutter really gets me for some reason. This year I really was glad as on Jan. 3 we started up school again after a 3 week break due to BabyJetSki and etc. It's been a nice start of getting back to normal.

  2. This is where I dream of the laundry fairy...who will come in and conquer that chore that seems to allude me ;)

    I did get Christmas away rather quickly, but I have an obsessive compulsive problem with Christmas. I LOVE it until the 26th, then I can't take it anymore ;). Strange, I know.


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