Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet My Following Family

I'm always honored when someone lists my blog on their sidebar.
I'm equally thrilled when someone becomes a follower.

I know time is valuable, and I'm truly humbled people spend
their precious commodity reading my blog.

But, it's more than gaining readers - I have gained faithful and spiritual friends.

Many of you have prayed me through two bouts of thyroid cancer.
(I wasn't blogging during the first round)

You have laughed with me over my children, because if I don't laugh,
sometimes I just might hurt them.  Seriously.  Just kidding.  Seriously.
Most of you also blog.
You have given me recipes,
craft ideas,
prayers and hope.

You readers and fellow bloggers have made my life so full.
I have wept with those that have lost children,
have suffered cancer,
have lost hope in their trials.

I have rejoiced over your new babies,
and adored the cute things your kids say and do,
admired your handiwork
and rejoiced as you triumphed over trials.

I have been blessed to have been visited by
friends in places I would love to visit
New Zealand,
and the United Kingdom.

Today, I want to share the love.

If you are a follower of my blog,
fill in your spot on The Followers Family Tree by
leaving a comment below introducing yourself and your blog(s).
Then, take the time over the next few days,
to visit other bloggers and introduce yourself.
Just tell them Momma Mindy sent ya'.
This will be one  family reunion we all enjoy.

When you're done leaving a comment,
follow this link over to Nan's



  1. Thanks Mindy. Glad to be part of your bloggy family!

  2. It is a joy and inspiration to follow you! The blessing of being a part of a blogging community is so rich, God's love is manifested through sharing our joys, sorrows and encouragement. I love coming here to visit and always leave enriched and encouraged. I also love it when you visit me...your kind words always leave me smiling! Many blessings to you!

  3. I follow and link up to your homeschool blog and this one. Would it sound silly if I told you I thought of you as a wiser big sister? I'm the oldest in my family, and I have always wanted a big sister ;)

    Thanks for stopping by to visit me once in a while as well.

  4. You may just get me blogging yet.

  5. How fun is this! Thanks.

  6. OK, everybody so far is a little shy and modest, so I'll give the hurrah for bloggers.

    Wanna read the wisdom of an older, wiser woman in Australia? Read Ruby.

    Want the joy of the Lord and daily spiritual encouragement? Read Joyfull.

    Desperately need help with your cooking? Check out the Queen of Brussels Sprouts, aptly named because she actually got her children to eat AND enjoy brussels sprouts.

    Need great projects to do with your kids? Check out Dana.

    The rest of you who blog and lurk humbly behind the shadows, step forward and give a little shout-out to yourself and your blog!

    I know everyone would love to meet you!

  7. Momma Mindy, it's been so fun to read your writing over the YEARS- from all the way back to clubsbl! I pray for you often and hope all is going well :) xoxo

  8. Your posts are always so uplifting to me! I also have appreciated so much your comments on the most mundane of my own posts - when I thought no one cared! Blessings to you!

  9. Read your blog just about every time I log on here :) here my blog of our family of getting ready for 9.

  10. Hi! I'm Bevy from over at Treasured Up and Pondered. I'm not sure but I think Mindy found me and I would have to agree that I, too, think of Mindy as an older wiser sister (I'm also the oldest in my family and so it's like having an older sis I never had).

    Mindy has a very generous heart and one day suprised me by sending some fabric/upholstery and buttons (just in case I could use them) for my bag making business. Bags by Bevy. I do have my own Etsy shop (named and yet, I have to be honest. I'm plumb sold out- currently. And doing my best to catch up on outside orders for several ladies...all while nursing a bumb leg - and being a busy mom to two wonderful little ones (3 1/2 and 2 yrs of age).

    I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy family gathering.

    **What a great idea, Mindy!!!

  11. This is a great idea! I just found your website when you became a follower on my blog. I love your insights and thoughts. Very inspiring.

    Get your daily dose of Faith, Friends, and Frappuccinos at

    Increase your faith with our struggles, praises, and life experiences.

    Mindy, are you going to the NWCA Writer's Renewal this April? Would love to meet up with you if you are.

  12. What a great idea! I love the little tree too, very cute. It is always fun to find new blogs. I find them through people recommending them, or from reading a comment on someone's (or my own) blog.

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  13. Hi Mindy! What a wonderful idea to share your blogging family. I'm checked out all the blogs and enjoying them immensely. Even though I'm now in the gramma-greatgramma stage of life, one never gets over being Mom-at-heart.

    I have a question for you and your followers. If you can help me out, shoot me a comment to the blog I'll post today (Feb. 2) at I am a writer. My two series of young adult mystery-adventure books, Adventure Quest Series and The Megan Parnell Mysteries, were popular with kids, homeschooling parents, and Christian teachers. They are out of print, and I'm considering reprinting them as e-books. I know that e-book sales now outpace paperback sales. Here's my question. Do young teens read e-books like older readers do? Would you, as parents and homeschoolers, encourage your children to read Christian literature on Kindle or other electronic readers?

  14. Joan - great idea, to ask here. I will also post this on my FB page and see if I get any response. We don't own a Kindle yet, so I don't have any good advice.

    However, I have purposely collected a lot of Christian books for my kids to read and taught them to look for certain companies like Moody at the thrift stores.

    Anybody else have any thoughts on the Kindle useage?

  15. Nice to get to know all your bloggers. I am very, very new to blogging and I am loving it. I am finding the fellowship that homeschoolers used to share before computers and email (ok, so I dated myself!!).

    I have homeschooled for around 25 years (I stopped counting) and I only have one homeschooling.

    I will enjoy checking out all these blogs as time allows.

    God bless you


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