Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Love Being A Grown-up!

When I was a kid, I thought grown-ups had it made.

Those rare occasions when Mom and Dad went out,
I would watch mom get dressed in her beautiful clothes,
rat her hair and coat it with enough aerosol hairspray
to be responsible for the hole in the ozone,
carefully apply her makeup and accessorize with jewelry,
and I'd long to be a grown-up.
Now, I'm weary of having to do my hair and make-up every day,
and would love to wear the same thing for a whole week in a row.
I might try that sometime, you just watch.

I would hear them talking after we went to bed,
and I'd wish I could stay up past 9pm.
Now, I wish I could go to bed at 9pm!

Sometimes, the smell of popcorn would waft under my bedroom door
and I would protest to myself, "No fair!"
Now I have to hear my children complain about the snacks
 we consume after they get sent to bed.
It seems fair now!

In my mind, adults had a wonderful life
and I could hardly wait to grow up and experience everything.

Too soon, I realized adult life is more full of responsibility
than spontaneous and never-ending fun, as I once imagined.


Sure you can eat ice-cream any time you want,
but you have to pay for it, then wear it forever.

You can stay up as late as you want,
but you still have to get up early in the morning for work or children.

I find myself looking at my children's lives with a bit of envy,
longing for their lack of duties,
all their free time,
and their carefree minds unburdened by responsibilities.

But, the other day I was a consoled by a huge benefit of being a grown-up.

That big heart-shaped box of chocolates is now MINE,
all MINE,
(thanks, honey!)

and I can eat it any way I want.

I discovered something new about myself this year.

I AM one of those people,
who takes one little bite out of each chocolate.

Just because I can.

Just because,
 I'm a grown-up.

What do YOU do
just because you're a grown-up?
Do share your secrets!


  1. Aaron and I were just talking about thistle other day. And I thought about it this morning as I was dragged from a warm coZy bed ( after a night of no sleep) I was longing to just go back to sleep for hours but the "Mommas!" were getting louder. My secret is my room is never clean and the bed is never made ;)

  2. Amen and Amen. I always said I would eat a whole tub of Cool Whip when I grew up just because I could. By the time I grew up I realized just how bad that would be for me and never did. :-) I also said if my kids ever wanted to eat a whole tub I would let them. That ain't going to happen:-)Funny how everything changes when you grow up.

  3. I love this. I have the same memories of popcorn smells after going to bed.

  4. THat's really cool! I enjoy a strong cup of latte, just because I'm a grown up! xxx

  5. I am high end as far as chocolates are concerned. Poor Hubby has to go buy the Godiva box with the little "map" so I can spend hours contemplating which chocolate I want when ;)

  6. Great memories of the way we see things as children! I am often telling my children not to wish their lives away trying to grow up too quickly.
    Oh for an 8.30 bedtime and ten hours sleep!

  7. I love to stay up and watch a chick flick once in awhile, or read a great book ALL day. During hunting season, my friends and I love to have all niter sleep overs while our husbands are gone! We make lots of sweets and talk until the wee hours of the morning.

  8. Oh Mindy, you make me laugh! I'm so glad you take bites out of all your chocolate! I knew you were still a kid at heart.
    And Jana, I don't make my bed and clean my room either -- unless I'm having company.
    My secret is watching movies on my laptop when the kids are sleeping.

  9. I eat Cheetos and other snacks before dinner...mostly because that was a big no-no when I was a kid...


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