Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back into the Swing of School

I'm a little slow on the start, but I am out of the starting block.

A few stumbles, like I am tripping over untied shoelaces,
but I am moving forward.

One of my 2011 blogging goals is to blog weekly
at my home school blog -

hOmE tEaChEd.

Maybe I'll even get a blog button that says something
extremely clever like

tUeSdAyS aT
hOmE tEaChEd.

After 17 or so years of teaching,
I should have something to say,
if I remember...
and can stay awake long enough at night to blog...
or I can endure seventeen-eleven interruptions...

'member when they used to count that way?

Join me today as we work through

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  1. Thanks for all your tips and encouragement! They are priceless! Have a great week homeschooling!


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