Friday, October 29, 2010

My Heart is Broken

I hate cancer.
I love, honor and serve my Savior,
the Lord Jesus Christ,
and understand and accept His plan,
but I hate cancer.

RivkA and I met through a mommy cancer blog,
and like many, I was drawn to her.
When she asked me to write for
I was excited and honored.

But, also sad.
Because of the seriousness of most of their cancers,
I knew the title of the blog was hopeful,
at best.
RivkA is no longer
a Mother Living with Cancer,
and my heart is broken.

She was loving, she was funny, she was serious, she was smart,
she loved her family and she loved people.
Every moment and ounce of strength she had that escaped
the enemy cancer
she used for others.

This morning on her blog, Coffee and Chemo,  I learned the
Jewish blessing said after hearing of  somone's death.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet - Blessed is the True Judge.

It is appropriate for what I feel,

He is the True Judge.

I love Him,
I believe in Him,
I trust Him.

But, I hate cancer.


  1. My heart hurts for her family and for you. Praying for healing in many ways.

  2. I haven't been following her blog, just the"mother's living with cancer" one. She fought so hard and her attitude was an encouragement to me. I hate cancer, too. Thanks for sharing about that on your blog.

  3. My heart is broken too, Mindy! *sigh* I loved RivkA so much... and still do. I just wish she never got cancer & she was still walking the earth with us. I am so sad.

    God give you rest, RivkA.

    Love~ Andrea

  4. That is a terrible blow.
    "But this God is our God forever and ever, He will be our guide, even unto death." Psalm 48:14

    Love the way you put your trust in Him, Mindy!

  5. I just returned from Rivk'a funeral. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people there, even though it was 10 pm after Shabbat. The actual burial took place about midnight Friends drove hours from all directions.

    Rivka's brother, father and husband spoke in the most loving way, sharing beautiful heartfelt stories. One that stands out: During the summer, when Rivka was already very, very ill from the cancer and chemo, her beloved sister became ill (nothing very serious). Rivka INSISTED on tending to her sister (the week before her daughter's bat-mitzvah, which was a huge effort all on its own). "The only reason Rivka didn't tend to her sister is because her sister flatly refused to let her," Moshe, Rivka's husband said.

    As Rivka's brother said, "my sister lived more in her 43 years than most people do in a lifetime."

  6. Wow, what a legacy... She "lived more in 43 years than in most people do in a lifetime." Praise Jesus for her. I am sure she will be missed. Thank you for sharing Mrs. Peltier, and everyone else, for being so open. <3 Blessings to her and Moshe's family. May God uphold them with His love and strength.

  7. Michele, thank you so much for sharing a personal story with the rest of us, who only had the privilege of knowing RivkA through the internet.

    Andrea, thank you for sharing your broken heart, too.

    Thank you all for the condolences and prayers. There are a lot of people touched with the loss of RivkA all around the world.


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