Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thanksgiving in my Home and Heart

Remember the countdown to Thanksgiving?
I started at 216 days.

I'm down to  only 35 days.

There are only 35 more days until my MIL comes for Thanksgiving.

Actually, less than that.  She's coming ahead of time.

I have a lot to do,
but I am trying to accomplish everything

I bought two of these charmers in a store so long ago,
I forgot when and where.

They have been patiently hanging on the wall, waiting to be used.

I printed out some vintage postcards from HubPages on cardstock.
I just copied (Control C)
and pasted (Control V)
each postcard from the site
on a new Word document.

When you right click on the pasted image,
a dialogue box pops up.
The second to last option, SIZE,
and can easily adjust the size.

If I can do it,
you can do it.

My handy-dandy paper cutter needed a new blade.
I had to trim fuzzies from all the edges.

Tucked in the postcards,

added a floral spray,
and I have one more thing accomplished.

And while I prepare my home for Thanksgiving,
I am preparing my heart, also.

If the home is decorated, but my heart is barren,
it will be in vain.

Psalms 69:30
I will praise the name of God with a song,
and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Ya' ready for Thanksgiving and to give thanksgiving?

There are  35 days left to prepare home and heart,

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  1. How cool is that!!!!! you are so creative!

  2. very nice- way to go! I was thinking 2 minutes ago I needed to find a verse to go a a photo collage of fall pics...and this one is it!

    Love it- thanks for the Scripture today, sister!

    May we be found with thankful hearts that overFLOW with the joy of the Lord to all those around us!

  3. Adorable idea! That little wire number would be great for mail sorting too. Love it! A real space saver and looks cute.


  4. Those postcards look fantastic on the rack !

  5. Lovely post -I found your blog trough funky junk link up -Thanks for sharing the site you downloaded from -I've never heard of this one but I will be using now :-)


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