Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mommy Craft Day

The Fall sunshine begged to kiss our faces.

The dancing leaves fluttered lightly,
like the Gingerbread man,
daring us to catch them if we can.

We just HAD to get outside.

It was supposed to be simple walk
through the neighborhood for
 three kids,
two moms
and one basket.

Our goals were simple.

 1. pick up leaves.
2. don't pick up dog-doo on your shoe
3. don't get hit by a car.

We didn't plan on teaching the kids
the difference between old, crumbly, yucky leaves,
and fresh, I-will-work-for-your-project leaves.

We didn't plan on teaching them
that just because the garage door is open,
doesn't mean the owners want you walking in.

Hey, it was filled with cases of candy and pop,
what do you expect?

We didn't plan on teaching them that two kids,
hanging on each side of the basket
and whirling around like a gyroscope
in the middle of the street,
probably wasn't the safest idea.

The craft was supposed to be simple.
1. places leaves under white paper
2. rub over them with a crayon.

Norah loves scissors.
Norah hasn't quite mastered the skill,
but found she cut better with her mouth open.

Norah crafted by cutting the leaves into little pieces.

Beka is the oldest, therefore,
finds crafting skills a little easier.

Beka likes to tell the other children what to do.

Avery chose the prettiest colors and scribbled the hardest.
Avery  almost spelled his name right.

After one page,
the kids disappeared to the backyard,
live in the forest,
go hunting for meat
and play Army.
Kelly-Across-the-Street and I enjoyed what ended up being
Mommy Craft Day.

We didn't plan on teaching the kids,
that leaving the Mommies alone to craft,
was really,
really good therapy.


  1. I want a neighbor across the street like that. Especially on a day like today when we could have used some distractions. Did you enjoy coffee while you crafted??

  2. That looks like fun! I want a craft day!


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