Monday, October 25, 2010

Touches of Love

When we were first married,
my husband and I determined to not get over

People often made rude comments and jeered
about "the honeymoon being over,"
as if
the love and joy would end
as soon as we unpacked from the honeymoon.

Even Christians occasionally gave us the idea
that the love would change so much,
it would never be as good as the honeymoon.

We decided we didn't want that.

We wanted to prove them all wrong.

Our goal was to stay in love through the years.

That's our mushy-gushy talk
for "I LOVE YOU."

Since my first bout with cancer in 2005,
my husband has begun each day by waking me up
so I can take my thyroid hormone at the right time,
then he makes me coffee.

Even without the note,
that wafting coffee scent speaks of his love for me.

Leaving notes is only one of the ways
we keep from being cured from
We also give brief calls,
 drop a short email
instant message every day.

I say short because my husband is being paid to work,
not romance me.
But, it doesn't take long to send love,
a laugh,
a greeting
or a word of appreciation
during the day.

It doesn't take much,
to inflame that  touch of

And you know what?
People were right about the honeymoon being over.

It really isn't the same as it was on the honeymoon.

Honeymoon love is great,
but married love is
and a more satisfying love.

What are some of the ways you and your spouse
keep love alive?


  1. AWW! So sweet! What an encouragement to keep the 'honeymoon feelngs' alive and well. Love your stand that we don't have to listen to advice sometimes! So true about the deeper and richer love that comes through the years. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This honestly brought a tear to my eye... I would say the same thing about my hubby and I.

    People would always say "here come the honeymooners, here come the honeymooners" - or the newlyweds, whatever... and it's amazing... how that can so easily slip away without the intentionality to maintain it. Life so easily gets in the way and we get carried off.

    Timely reminder today, Mindy. Thank you.

    AND!!!!!!!! HUGE Thank you for the box I got in the mail yesterday. YOU ARE A DOLL. I'll be certianly using most of that. Thanks so much. I really appreciated the buttons and the handwritten card/note.
    Did you make that?

  3. This is so mushy & sweet!
    We all get caught up in our daily routines & forget to acknoweledge the 1 person in our life that started it all to begin with!
    I'm texting my hubby a sweet love note right NOW!!

  4. I was just telling Aaron the other day, I knew since the time I was young that I wanted a man to love me the way my Daddy loved my Mommy!!!

    Aaron and I have said the same thing about not wanting to get honeymoonitis. We make sure that every day we get a little bit of quality time to talk, not about the kids or school but us. And we have really found the closer we draw to the Lord the closer He brings us together!
    Loved this blog!!! I am thankful to the Lord for you and Dad and the example your wonderful marriage is.

  5. Yes, amen, I like that how you said Marriage is deeper and it so is. It is the little things we do for each other that make marriage so sweet. When I walk past my husband I just rub my hands through his silky black hair for a couple of minutes...he almost turns into a putty cat..:-) He loves it. I love to bring him back little treats from up the street, and build him up with words of affirmation. xxx

  6. :) It is so incredibly encouraging to me to have Godly, loving, dedicated couples in my life who have been married for 20+ years. It is becoming rare and heartbreaking. THANK YOU both for being dedicated to the Lord first and each other second!

    These days I sneak pages that I have filled out from a "remember when" book into Ski's lunch. Or from a book of "weird facts". He's entertained over his lunch.
    We also ALWAYS go to bed together. We are both talkers so we find "pillow talk" very important in our marriage. The house is quiet. We are calm. All too often we panic when we see 2 hours has gone by and we're going to be exhausted the next day. I am thankful for the time spent though.

  7. Honeymoon - so many years ago. I would have to say that our love has grown deeper over the years as well (good and bad times). We are more aware of each others' love languages and intentionally try to love in the way that each of us feels loved. It's a daily choice - that's all we got. Bless you Mindy

  8. We've learned love is choice not a feeling, and as unromantic as that sounds... It's true. I have to remind myself my sin nailed Jesus to the cross too,and He doesn't hold back love from us, so why should I withhold love from Jared? This is how we "keep the honeymoon" in perspective.

  9. I hear people all the time say, "just wait until you've been married (x) years. You won't be quite so in love anymore. It's been 15 years and I'm still waiting . . .


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