Thursday, October 28, 2010

Makin' A List, Praying More Than Twice

The other day I blogged about a few small ways
my husband and I keep ourselves afflicted with

The same day,
a bloggy friend, Bevy,
also blogged about her husband.
(His name is also Scott,
so please don't be confused.)

I appreciate her faith, her heart for the Lord,
and her adorable children.
But, she taught me something
I want to pass onto my daughters.

She shared how she
prayed her husband
 into her life.

I prayed, too, but I used
The List.

Ya' know, the list teen-age girls hide in their Bibles?

The List
that contains all  the secret desires and qualities
they want in  the
Man of Their Prayers.
(Yea, we Christians pray, not dream.
Or, we're supposed to, anyway.)

The List is clutched in young hands,
impatiently prayed through over and over,
as young girls long to be swept off their feet.

They usually start something like this
"must love the Lord
have Biblical convictions
play guitar
love kids
be good lookin'

It worked for me.

But, I like Bevy's advice better.

"When I began really seeking the Lord about what sort of man I was desiring (for my future) as a spouse... these verses became sort of a bedrock - for my prayers.

I really believe the Lord answered those prayers... when he brought,my husband, Scott into my life."

Read the rest here at her blog
:treasured up and pondered:

Then  have your daughters and single friends
pick out a passage of Scripture,
to put on the
The List.


  1. Awhhh. Thank you for the "kudos" - I wasn't expecting this, this morning.

    But. I have a confession. I had a list, too(tucked into my Bible - yes mam!). One that was written and the one in my deepest heart of hearts and in all seriousness, I think/know the Lord looked more on the heart list than the paper one.

    Maybe I should blog my "heart story" one day... you've inspired me today - Mindy. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful. My husband and I have consistently prayed for our children's future spouses. Just this week my teen daughter and I were chatting about that and she gave me a big o hug, thanked me and said, "That's so awesome mom, thanks!"

  3. Very inspiring blog. I didn't pray at all when I met my husband, but have prayed alot together for 31 years.


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