Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good News and Bad News

This old saying is supposed to be comforting.
As if having some good news
can take away the pain from the bad news.

It's just a saying.
You can never take away the sting of bad news.

However,  good news gives you a reason to go on with life.

Years ago, while my husband was a Bible teacher at
Box T Bible and Saddle Camp,
we were blessed to work with two teenage girls, Jess and Becca. 
They loved the Lord and gave us great inspiration
for raising our small children for the Lord.

We wanted our daughters to be like them.

We worked in the kitchen and talked about boys, 
we folded mountains of laundry together and talked about marriage,
they played with my kids and showed me what great mommies
they were going to be some day.

Most of their dreams have come true. 
They have been blessed with godly husbands.
They have been blessed with beautiful children.
They continue to serve and praise the Lord
with the exuberance of youth,
although they are mature women.
They inspire and encourage me with their lives.

So, true to tradition, we hafta' start with the good news.

Jess stayed with us for a few weeks
after moving to our town.

We participated in some crazy baby contests at Wal-Mart,

and she actually won the contest
for how fast we could drink a bottle of juice.

I beat her on diaper changing, though,
but not sure if I could now -
because she has eight adorable children
and has changed hundreds of diapers.

In fact,
they are so adorable,
they are being considered for a TLC show.

Check out her blog and watch their demo tape.
Pray for the Lord's will in this matter.

Yea, you've been waiting for the bad news.

I haven't been able to talk about it yet.
My eyes are all puffy and red.

Becca gave my little Jon much attention at Box T,
and by keeping him on a horse,
kept him from running under a horse.

Since Jess and Becca are still extremely close,
I know the good news definitely is not going to soften the bad news.

Becca has been fighting untreatable (by traditional medicine)
 lung cancer with holistic methods.
She just found out she has cancer in her liver, as well.

You will weep and worship at the same time.

I would really appreciate if you would pray
 for my two little sisters in the Lord,
as they seek the Lord's will
in the Good News,
and the Bad News.


  1. I hate cancer! Praying for your friend and her family. I love her word, cancer has to do with the body, but actions come from the soul. What courage to want to be more like Jesus than anything else. Thanks for sharing

  2. Heartbreaking. I prayed for a long time for Rebekah and her family. Praise the Lord for her faithfulness to Him. Please keep us updated so we can pray for her on doctor visit days or treatment days.

    I enjoy a few of the family shows on TLC so it would be fun to watch the Rivers family. I only know them through SBL family but that's about as close to TV as I'll ever get! May their family along with the Duggars in "19 kids and counting" be glorifying to the Lord and a witness that many would never receive if not for TLC.

  3. Ok. So I just wrote a book to you, and it didn't save. Don't you just love that?

    Anywhoo, thanks for the kind words. You made a difference in this girl's life and invested in my life like so many others I'm sure. I have fond memories of you trying to teach me the basics of cooking, giggling over a first love, and you, gently speaking the truth in to my heart. Thank-you. I appreciated it then, but only now as a mother and wife, do I realize the scarifices you must have made for me... Christ's beauty shines through you today just as it did years ago...


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