Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Eat a Ruby's Hotdog

To fully experience California, the extended family gathered  on  Huntington Beach to enjoy a Pacific Ocean sunset.

I am always a little annoyed that people dare stand between my camera and my view,
 but somehow those silhouettes always end up enhancing my photos, not ruining them.

We were told by many we had to eat at Ruby's Surf City Diner.
 Since we give in to peer pressure easily when it comes to food, we walked down the long pier to sit in those  vintage red and chrome chairs and eat some really good American food.

Fisherman trying to utilize the last fragments of sunlight on the end of the pier.

Brookelyn was tired from the day on the beach, the long walk down the pier, and the wait for her food, so she dove right into the hotdog, giving a great tutorial.

If you think you are a big girl, hold the hotdog with only one hand.

Stop eating long enough to quietly exclaim to Daddy how good the "da-da" is.

If you want to dig your little nose right between the buns, use both hands to hold onto the hotdog.

When you get tired of the bun,  pull the hotdog out.

Hold the hotdog vertically and lick all the ketchup off.

Hold the hotdog horizontally and lick the ketchup off.

Set the hotdog down and act like a duck with the bun.

Get in trouble from Mommy for not eating your food while Gramma sheepishly puts the camera away. OK, to be honest, my battery died, or I would have kept taking pics of Brookie being adorably Brookie.

Seems to me, we also had problems when I was with Brookie at McDonalds and a coffee shop.

If I am not careful, my daughter is going to start searching for the blogosphere for a tutorial on,
 "How to be a Well-Behaved Gramma."


  1. Grat name for a hotdog joint!!!
    Great series of pics!
    We Grannies LOVE to photograph all the cute things they do, huh?

  2. I love this post!!

    Sure makes me want a good hot dog!

  3. Loved your pictures! They were both beautiful and precious! Thank you for sharing!


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