Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pictures Don't Lie

Moms know everything, or at least that's what I tell my kids.  What we don't know, we WILL find out.  We have eyes on the back of our heads, on the sides of our heads and our ears are so sensitive they can hear a cookie crumb drop on our new couch. 

And, if we don't see it, and don't hear it, we will STILL find out about it.  Especially if you leave evidence.  Especially, if you leave evidence on a camera.  Especially, if that camera belongs to your mother.

This is what  happens when your camera goes to IKEA and you don't.

My supersonic ears can hear her yelling, "Look Mom, No Hands!"

Practicing fan flirting techniques from Princess Diaries.

There is such a high calling for this skill for a home schooled teenage girl.

Would you be afraid to see these two hoodlums in a minivan on the interstate?

Now, THAT'S modest!  Yea, just the way I like my daughter...all covered up.

Grace is either shopping for something we don't need, or she thinks it's a really big picture frame.

Beka looks like she is making a mattress comercial.  Maybe I should send Ikea a bill for her modeling fee.
I'm sure this wasn't the only piece of furniture she tried out that day.

This is what happens when Mom isn't there to give the "lice" lecture.
Why do the scarves match the bedspread?

 Who'd ever imagine, a bajillion rugs make a cozy chair.

Done shopping, have their dollar lattes, and ready for the ride home.

This was the last picture on my camera. As of today, I don't know how the story ends on their ride home.

But, believe me, someday, I WILL find out.

Moms always do.

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