Friday, December 25, 2009

What Do You Buy A Blogger For Christmas?

Two of my presents this year proved to me that a few people are reading and understanding my blog enough to retaliate my sense of humor.

From follower Amy, the granddaughter of Gramma Alice of the spritz cookie recipe, I received this wonderful wallhanging for the kids' bathroom.

"Changing the Toilet Paper Roll Will Not Cause any Brain Damage"  is in honor of a blogging      soliloquy about nobody in the house having the ability to change the toilet paper.

I hope the declaration of good health will promote ingenuity and diligence on the part of my offspring in this area of extreme challenge.  This wallhanging will definately improve my ability to have a Happy New Year!

And from my Daddy, three rolls of Scotch tape.  All for me.  I don't have to share - if I hide it well enough! The only dilemna is, should I hide it kinda' good so I can take it out and use it when I need it or should I hide it really, really, good so I have it for Christmas next year?  If I hide it that well, I definately risk not being able to find it when I need it.

But, wait a minute, wasn't I supposed to be replacing my parents' tape for years of "stealing" theirs?

Thank you for the special gifts, Daddy and Amy, I appreciate the encouragement and the laughter.

My gratitude for these two gifts actually extends to all my readers, who give me their time as a gift.  I am so appreciate of the support I've received in emails, comments and encouragements.  I have been blessed to meet so many new friends and sisters through blogging and it has been a great encouragement to meet other women who are blogging their way through parenting, marriage, meal planning, cleaning, crafting, sewing, thrift shopping,  organization and homeschooling.  What a blessing to have such great spiritual encouragement just a mouse click away.

May the Lord bless you and your families as you celebrate the birth of His Son.

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  1. Awww MINDY you're welcome! I was beaming that you blogged about it!! I was like "oh mom come look!" She got her gift & put up a picture of it! Hope you're soaking up precious time with family this Christmas! We sure are! We have Bill & his lovely new wife home this Christmas with us from VA Beach! We are going sledding today after the immaculate amounts of snow we've accumulated from 3 days of blizzarding! Bless you!

    In Him,


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