Monday, December 14, 2009

Let It Snow!

It always snows during December, if you are in downtown Bellevue  at Snowflake Lane.
 With family and friends, we decided to enjoy the sounds, sights and excitement of the Christmas season.

Here they come!

Frosty the snowman is a bit thinner in these parts, must be the warm weather.
Hard to keep on those snow-packed pounds.

 Beka loved the beautiful Snow Princesses. 
They were every girl's dream, gorgeous, sweet, and wearing glitter, fur and hooped skirts!

This polar bear is either camera shy, or scared of kids. 
Neither condition a recipe for success for his profession.

Washingtonians are all like mailmen.
 Despite rain, hail, sleet or snow, we get outside and enjoy our activities.
People lined up on both sides of the streets, preferably under the overhang to avoid the rain, and watched, shivered, sang aloud, took pictures and ate peppermint lollipops all the characters were passing out.

Melissa and Grace would even say that Rudolph's nose glows.

The hired drummers march in formation in their snazzy outfits,

and stand on snowflake adorned pedestals along the street for their performance.
While they drummed and bopped to the beat of "snow" songs, people sang along.
OK, I sang along.   
My girls were probably wishing they didn't look so much like me.
Everyone knew we were together.
We enjoyed the music, the comraderie, the Christmas songs, meeting famous Christmas characters, the fake snow,( more like too many suds from Dawn dish soap),
and that feeling that Christmas has.

 Everyone, except this little Dude.

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