Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in California

This year my husband and I celebrated our first Christmas in one of our children's homes.  We flew to California to celebrate with our oldest daughter, Jana, her husband and two kids.

I was so excited about the occasion,
 I took picture of each child greeting their older sister as they came through the doorway.

Brookelyn wasn't so happy to see Grandpa. 
After using Skype to be in touch for the past half year,
 we thought she would be familiar with us.
We were wrong.
Good thing Skype is free.

Brayden was very happy to see Grandpa.
 He was happy to see everyone. 
He giggled and smiled and drooled on everybody equally.

I forgot to keep my things away from Brookie's curious little fingers. 
She thought she was taking a video with my Flip.

I always peek during prayer to see if she is peeking.
 She always is.
 I wonder if she knows that I am
peeking at her peeking.

I asked her to put on her hat for me. 
She's laughing underneath.

She just needed a little help from Momma.

She's ready for Christmas!

And, after 22 years of parenting,
we are starting to really feel the benefits of continuously pouring our lives into our children. 
They're feeding us, caring for our needs, making sure we're comfortable.
We feel so blessed.

I want to reassure you parents of young kids,
someday, they will pour back.
 I can't promise you when,
I can't promise you how much,
I can't promise how,
but by the grace of God,
you will receive back.

I don't look at Jana and her beautiful family with regret that I gave so much.
I wonder if I did enough.
I wonder what I could have done better.
I wonder what spiritual things I failed to teach her,
that could have helped her during her growing up years.

But, as I watch her function as a wife, a mommy, a neighbor, a Christian,
I know that the Lord is making up for any failings on my part.

It's a beautiful cycle.

I read a saying once -
"Grandchildren are the reward for not killing your own children."
 I used to think it was funny.

Today, all I am thinking -
"Children are a blessing from the Lord," Psalm 127:3.
My blessing is now being blessed.

And, as I watch her pour herself into her family,
I know that cycle of blessing and growth is continuing,
by the grace of God.


  1. beautiful post.

    may you enjoy your family for many years to come!

  2. Makes me miss you more. Wish we could get together and do our baking together. I

  3. That will be a wild time, when we get to that point in our parenting...still a ways away [I think!}- but each stage is fun and it is so true that we are pouring into our children's lives and what a blessing when it comes back to daughter is home for Christmas-she goes to school in Germany and my son is home from college and they are thinking so much about their family, helping us and reaching out to their younger siblings.

    Great to meet you Mindy at the writers conference and thanks again for finding my blog-glad to connect on yours and let us keep in touch-

    cornelia seigneur
    fellow writermom
    west linn oregon

  4. mindy, what a beautiful family you have. I really love this post--how amazing it is to see the growth of children. Many blessings in the new year!

  5. I came over from "homecooking" - love your blog, and what a beautifully written post.


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