Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hanging on a Tree

Sometimes, those good intentions from previous Christmas seasons can be a head start for another year.

Two years ago, I ordered some adorable nativity craft kits from Oriental Trading Company, made a few the first year, made a few with the neighbors the second year, storing  them in my antique buffet in the dining room for two years altogether.

I packed them in a wicker basket with glue guns and brought them to my  homeschool co-op.  The rules require me to be in study hall with Rebekah 8:30-3:15 every Wednesday.  I have found we enjoy the time more if I bring a craft, an educational project or a game to share with the other kids.

The nativity kits were a bit complicated for young kids, so required an adult or two constantly at attention with the glue gun. When I made them with much younger kids, I glued most of the stable together and glued the clothing on ahead of time.  It really takes a trial run ahead of time, sometimes, to know how well a craft time with kids will go.

I love watching kids create, and give them the freedom to make changes as they want. Kids often have good ideas of how they want things to look, and will think of things adults don't.

My heart was thrilled to ask these kids what they knew about the Lord and His birth and to hear the precious truths their parents are storing up in their hearts. One young girl wanted to give her nativity set to her grandpa because he wasn't a Christian, and she was very concerned about him. Another young man began sharing about the Rapture, and the appropriate verses he was learning in a Bible class.

I made sure each child wrote their name and the date on the back of their ornament to commemorate their achievement.

The young kids went excitedly home with a precious treasure, something they made, and could hardly wait to hang them on their Christmas trees.

But, more importantly, they have the treasure of the truth of the Savior's birth stored up in their hearts, and will have eternity in Heaven if they hang their sins on the tree where He was crucified.

Matthew 1:21
"And she shall bring forth a son,
and you shall call his name JESUS:
for He shall save His people from their sins."

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