Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm a Model Without a Runway

I graciously volunteered to be a model for my daughter, Bethany,
 who is attending barbering college and needed a live model for an exam. 
Mothers are always called to show sacrificial love, aren't they?

She has been practicing on her Daddy at home,
so it was my turn.

I thought the before and after photos would be more dramatic if I didn't wear makeup.

EEWW!  This is what my poor husband has to see each morning? 
No wonder he gets up early and goes straight to work.

I also decided to not wash or comb my hair.
 Like the fact that only half my hair is curly?

Bethany asking questions about what kind of haircut I am looking for.
Basically, I wanted to keep it long as possible,
I wanted a style that didn't require upkeep
and made me look gorgeous all the time.

Yea, I know, she's a barber, not a magician.

She was so careful and gracious.
 Due to nerve damage from my last surgery,
 the bottom right side of my face is tender and painful to the touch. 
That's part of the reason I stopped getting my hair cut,
a little scrape with the comb feels like a dozer taking off the top layer.

My baby done good.
I didn't have time to put on my makeup before the next model was scheduled.
I should have put on makeup.
I am not doing the haircut justice.

All smooth and straight.
I looked so nice, my husband took me out to dinner that night.
The girls told me I looked years younger.
I cropped the picture so you couldn't see my ten-pound belt.

When I don't flat-iron it (OK, I never have, I am way too lazy and have too much to do in the morning)
the layers let the natural curl just bounce up, so with a little mousse, it looks great.
I was so pleased, the haircut fulfilled all of needs and expectations.

I am just thrilled that my daughter is doing what she likes,
likes what she is doing,
and is doing it well.

Plus, she gave me my first modeling gig.
I'm just waiting for those agents to call...
....out there somewhere is a runway with my name on it.


  1. Looks great Mindy. Good for her.
    "I wanted a style that didn't require upkeep and made me look gorgeous all the time."
    I had a hair cut yesterday and asked for the same! (And if you could just do something with the face) but apparently it is out of my price range!

  2. Hey lady that is the best hair style/cut iv'e ever seen you with- with or with the make she was able to please you to the point that you glowed- from being proud, pleased and satisfied with my amazing niecey pooh's work. she is a diamond in the rough. love

  3. That is a perfect cut for you! You can wear it curly and natural most of the time and then fix it when you want a different look or need it to look "styled." Nice job Bethany.

  4. Looks great Mindy. When is Bethany coming to Montana. :) I would be a live modle for her too. I need a new look. :) Shana keeps saying she will give me a cut and I say I don't think so. She has not gone to hair cut school. :) Serving Him Today. Marilyn K


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