Thursday, January 26, 2012

dressing for success

i looked up on the internet how to dress for success for a trial.
didja' know there are rules?
black pants, white shirt, ties.

even though we both dislike shopping,
we went shopping.
i bought white shirts and ties.

i even made him wear a white t-shirt under his dress shirt.
i even made him wear real grown-up dress socks,
those kind business men wear with the distinguished
tiny pattern that says, "i have class."
because some guy died
the innocent man had nice black italian leather shoes
from a consignment store for his trial.

i ironed and primped and fussed as if his life depended on it.
it was a work only a woman could do
and a work a woman would do,
keeping her hands busy because she can't do anything else.
he looked great.

in the end,
they took away his new white shirt, his new tie,
the italian leather shoes and the dress pants.

they let him keep his white t-shirt
and  gave him flip-flops.

i thought of the widow who brought those nice shoes
to the consignment store.
i know she wishes her husband was still there,
even wearing flip-flops behind bars.
in her mind it would probably be better than death.

i'm trying to remember that.

there's also another kinda' footwear the
Innocent Man
is wearing behind bars.

Ephesians 6:15
 and having shod your feet with the
preparation of the gospel of peace;

he's been faithfully reading his Bible
and sharing Jesus with a few men.

this knowledge slightly eases the pain
of losing his shoes of freedom.
the nice, black italian shoes that came with a shoe horn and extra laces.
those nice shoes that should have been worn for his june wedding.

despite having his good clothes thrown into a property bag,
 he's still dressed for success.

Ephesians 6 spiritual success.


  1. Stopping by to say Hello and read your thoughtful words.

  2. How is the young fiancee holding up through all of this? Thinking of you all. Loved these thoughts. God's word will not come back void.

  3. Ruby, thanks for asking. She is also a new believer and has been tested beyond what aged believers have endured. The Lord has surrounded her with wonderful Christians to help and support her through this all.

  4. That is heartening to know. May the Lord give that young lady a special measure of grace and strength.

  5. And that is success indeed, a tree planted by the waters. It will bear fruit in its season.

  6. Well put! I pray God will use him mightily where he is at. May God continue to comfort you!

  7. Wow, what a post. I'm so sorry. Will pray for peace and that God will use him mightly where he is out.

  8. What a heart you have to stand by your friend...what a heart of prayer you have in covering him. May God rescue and save him.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


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