Friday, January 13, 2012


As much as I love blogging,
I have to admit,
Blogger drives me crazy!

I've had several unresolved issues over the years,
and when you go to their "help" site,
it's only other bloggers posting their problems,
and occasionally another blogger with a possible solution.

There is not a Blogger employee to actually solve your problem.
If you're lucky, there will be an answer
in jargon you understand.
Usually, I end up more frustrated,
because a lot of people have the same problem,
and  voice frustration because they think Google doesn't care.

I'm not that computer literate,
I don't speak Google or html, 
so spend a lot of my time

1. One day I wanted to follow a new blog.
It wouldn't let me because I was already following 300.
OK, didn't know there was a limit,
but I knew there were many blogs I could delete.
(Sorry, if you haven't blogged in a year, I need to drop ya'.)
By simply clicking "manage" as I've done for a few years,

I got this error message.

It seems I'm not the only one.
However, since Blogger doesn't have a help department,
all you get is comments from other frustrated bloggers
who have been getting the same error message.

I tried to manage my account again, a few weeks later,
but got a new error message.

2. On top of that,  that there are still many frustrations
with commenting on blogs.

Even when I'm signed in to Blogger,
I'm not able to comment on some blogs,
so I type in my blogspot url and use anonymous.
If I want to comment on a blog and they don't allow
anonymous comments, I'm toast.

3. On top of that, ever since I changed my background,
my Google Analytics stopped working.
I watched their videos, read comments,  watched more videos,
and read articles.
I simply couldn't figger out how to fix it.

4.  I write at night and set my blog to launch at 5am Pacific Time.
Often,  I wake up to find my blog wasn't posted.
If I don't get to my computer until later in the day, my blog is posted
after most people are already actively involved in their day.

If any of you brilliant computer geniuses could offer any advice,
I'll take it.

If ya' just wanna' whine about Blogger,
I'll take that, too.


  1. I feel your pain! Lol. I have the same issues with blogger and it can be so very frustrating. I set up a wordpress blog (still have it just don't use it) and planned to switch over, but as much as blogger frustrates me, it was way easier to figure out that wp. So I stay with blogger, for the time being anyway. No advice to help you just wanted you to know, I feel ya! ;)

  2. Note to self: Don't change anything.

  3. On #2. I've noticed that you sign a lot of your comments as anonymous. One thing I've noticed after blogger's big glitch/bug a few months back is that you CANNOT stay signed in to blogger. Meaning you need to UNCHECK that little box...when you sign in... to keep yourself from staying signed in.

    Try that. And you might be able to comment as you are with your regular google... I've had issues with that and when I've kept my little box unchecked I've had no problems.

    I was beginning to wonder whenever you would comment if you didn't know about that little trick - because of you always signing anonymously. Good luck!

  4. one word, or maybe a few: Windows Live Writer. I haven't used blogger in yrs.
    Program you download and blog through.. also love my google reader. Check them out!

  5. me too...

    I have been just in the "Wait it out camp". It seems, most problems, if you wait long enough, blogger resolves them.


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