Thursday, January 19, 2012

touched by an angel

a verse in the old testament tells us that david encouraged himself in the Lord.

we are learning what that means.

each day we wake up and have to face anew that
these circumstances are not out of the Lord's plan.

the Lord is in control
the Lord is sovereign
the Lord loves us
the Lord is gracious and kind

we woke up this morning and faced another day of the trial
choosing to believe that we are walking in His will.

we choose to believe.
we choose to worship.
we choose to have peace.

at a gas station this morning an elderly clerk noticed that i was a little flustered.

"Everything is going to be OK today, honey."

i looked at her in utter surprise and tears began welling up.

she was surprised, but continued her warm encouragement.

"everything is going to be just fine today. everything is going to work out.
God bless you."

I looked up, now weeping and said,
"thank you, i needed to hear that."

she reached across the counter and hugged me.

maybe she was an angel.
maybe she was a kind clerk who just responded to a flustered
woman who was trying to buy a cup of coffee and some cheese sticks.

but whoever she was,
she was a voice
and a touch
from my heavenly Father who chose to
use a human to express His love towards me.


  1. Thanking God for sending the angel at the gas station. What a wonderful God we serve.
    Praying with all our hearts today that God will set free the innocent and let the truth be known.

  2. Amen, and how beautiful that she responded to God's voice telling her to encourage you. Praying with you today.

  3. praying each and every day!

  4. That is awesome! Love the instruments God uses to speak to us when we need it the most :)


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