Friday, November 18, 2011


Sometimes I have projects that are
for so long they begin to be

This bag of pinecones has been around for a few years.
I'm surprised they didn't grow into trees down in my craft area.

I just  couldn't throw them away.

Wouldn't be frugal.

Yea, I know I could just pick more.
But, I'd never have time to pick more.
These were ready and waiting....
...for years....

They annoyed me because everytime I walked by them,
I would try to talk myself into throwing them out
or finishing the craft.

I usually don't listen to myself very well. 

This partially used candle had also been in my craft room
for years...
...longer than the pinecones.

I'm pretty sure it immigrated with me from Minnesota.
I'm pretty sure it moved  with me three times.

It just smelled so good, I didn't mind it hanging around
chillin' in the peace of my good intentions.

I had to turn intention into action.

This is my wax kettle.
It's only used for wax projects so I don't have to really,
really, really clean it before I use it again.
I just wipe it out with a paper towel.

I'm lazy like that.

Red Neck Double Boiler.
It works.

It can go from
"melted wax useful for crafts"
"I just burned the house down"
in minutes.

So many of my craft items are so vintage,

I'm not sure if I wanna use them.

This glitter looks like real gold.

I probably could melt them down and make my own fillings.

The idear was simple.
Dip the pinecones in the wax.

I assumed they'd be very smelly and very lavendar like the candle.
The wax lost some of the color and the smell in melting.
I also assumed this would be pretty easy.
I should have read some blogs first.
I couldn't get the wax spread evenly,
but I was satisfied.

If you dip too many times, you end up melting the wax OFF.

They needed to be dunked about four times.

On the final dunk, I spread glitter.

Remember?  All that glitters isn't gourds?

I ended up using some pink glitter, too.
It added more color.

Now that I'm thinking about it,
I'm wondering if I did it all wrong.
Ever dip candles? 
They don't let it completely dry between coats,
like I did.
They just dip and dip and dip.

Any opinions?
Any experience out there?

These will be displayed in the ladies restroom at our church
in white pedestal bowls. 

We needed an air freshener that didn't need to be refilled or lit.

To enhance the smell,
 a chunk of the candle was cut off for each of the bowls.
It will be hidden underneath the pinecones,
for nobody to know,
but everyone to smell.

The worst part about this project?
There's still some candle left.
There's still some pinecones left.
I still can't throw out either one.
They went back in the craft room,
to chill in the peace of my good intentions.

I know I'll think of another project....

...some day.

At least, that's my intention.


  1. Great craft for a crafty girl. They look beautiful.
    Very nice that you had all the supplies ready & waiting!
    Loved the photo - especially the redneck double boiler.

  2. I have about a bazillion projects that I intend to do... irritating indeed!
    The pine cones will look so pretty in a white bowl. Good thinking and lovely smell too.

  3. I love this craft! AND you could use your pine cones for kindling for your fireplace...but you might think that's wasting good pine cones! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I got tired just THINKING of homeschooling all of those kids! Good for you!

  4. Andi, too funny! Last night I was going to dump the pine cones in the yard waste and just get rid of them. My hubby said, "Hey, let's use them in the fireplace." I think he musta' read your mind! Thanks for dropping by.


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