Thursday, November 17, 2011

Take a Hint Mint!

A Myntz mint, that is.
I have a new favorite mint.

See the cool tin?
They're better than Altoids tins because the lid is flat.
No embossing that's nice to look at, but hard to cover up.

Delicious mints and useable tins,
what more could a frugal momma want?

A set of die cuts for my Cuttlebug fits perfectly in one tin.
It's not that I'm green and wanting to keep the landfills empty,
 remember, I'm frugal.

Also remember, I come from a long line of frugal women?

Ya' get whatcha' pay for.
The cheap $1 spray paint I used to use will never hold up
to this discovery. 

One coat of Rust'Oleum 2X is my new favorite spray paint.
  As long as I don't miss a spot.
Love this stuff.

The beautiful tin on my Gramma's red and chrome kitchen table.
I love crafting on the table where I know she spent hours
sitting, drinking coffee, visiting and rolling out sugar cookies.

This is the Cuttlebug.  It cuts and embosses.
She's da' boss!

So, ya' know those die cuts I needed to store?
What a better way to store them, but in a box
decorated with papers cut from the die cuts within.

Didja' understand that?

Papers were cut and Mod Podge applied.

Four sets of die cuts in four adorable boxes.

I was so pleased with them I wanted to  display the boxes
instead of putting them away in the Cuttlebug container.

The flowers would also look cute on stationary.

Maybe I should make another one to keep my mints in?

Wouldn't this be a cute little box for some
stationary and tiny pencils?

I originally bought the button die cut to make pre-school
manipulatives for my granddaughter, Brookelyn,
who is crazy about her Lalaloopsy doll with button eyes.

But, these would be wonderful sewing kits,
doncha' think?

A thin magnet glued on the inside would keep
needles and pins in place.

Magnets on the back would make these tins
stick to a fridge or a locker.

The look of the vintagey black tins
 fill me with such anticipation and promise.

I'm dreaming about other uses for them.

Take a hint.  You need a Myntz mint.

Then tell me how you'd use that adorable tin.


  1. That would make a wonderful Give-Away. *hint *hint
    Those are sooooo cute and such a variety!

  2. not sure... I'd have to keep thinking about it. Perhaps to hold my business cards in or something like that.

    I'm loving the creativity of this. :)

    Are you giving one away? (hint,hint)

  3. Mindy, here's yet another thing we have in common! Saved by God's grace, six children (including a Rebecca), thyroid cancer, grandchildren, homeschooling, a love for crafting and a "not love" for cooking, satisfaction in doing the laundry .... and now I find you have a green Cuttlebug. Like me.
    When are you going to come and visit me in New Zealand?

  4. Want to come organize my house? I'll buy you as many mintzy-mint tins are you want. :) Too cute!!!

  5. Ditto to Tandis! I could use the organisation and they are certainly cute.


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