Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving is Never Really Over

Thanksgiving is never really over.
I don't mean because of the pounds of dry turkey
you'll be eating for months and months and months.

Turkey soup,
turkey sandwiches,
turkey and rice,
turkey cheddar broccoli casserole,
turkey and cranberry casserole
are ways we try to get rid of the poultry.
We should never try to get rid of the
spirit of Thanksgiving
we've been feasting on for the past week.

We've discussed it's the Lord's will that
Give Thanks.

Easy to say,
hard to do.
The spirit is willing,
but the flesh is weak.

(Stone from Dutch Mill, Inc.)

As parents, we understand
thank you.
More than a bajillion times in our parenting history
we'll remind, instruct and downright nag our kids to use these
two very lovely words.
They're two words that mean so much.

But giving thanks is more than just vocalizing the right words,
it's to be grateful or to feel thankful.
It's an act that emcompasses body, soul and spirit.
It isn't true thanksgiving without this trinity of our humanity.

When someone has given us a gift that we 
couldn't afford,
didn't expect,
don't deserve and
couldn't provide for ourselves,
we feel indebted to them.

In fact, sometimes our words seem lame,
compared to the gratitude welling up within our hearts,
but we say them anyway,
hoping, in our weakness, to convey the depths of our thanksgiving. 

The Lord has given us a great gift that we
couldn't afford,
didn't expect,
don't deserve and
couldn't provide for ourselves.
It's right that we feel indebted to Him.
It's right that we go through life
thankful for our beautiful Savior,
the Lord Jesus Christ.

Long after you've eaten the last turkey leftovers,
may you still be consumed with thanksgiving,
because Christians understand thanksgiving isn't a holiday,
it's the Lord's will for our lives.

'Cuz, ya' know,
thanksgiving is never really over.


  1. Lovely words of truth Mindy! xxx

  2. Amen! I am thankful for all my 'bloggy' friends who are always so supportive of my endeavors. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. That is so true, Mindy.
    Great to be reminded of these truths AFTER Thanksgiving.


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