Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give Thanks IN...

Being thankful is not just a suggestion...
not just a holy hint...
not just a good idea for a good life.

Yesterday we learned it's God's will that we're thankful.

(Stone from Dutch Mill, Inc.)

The Lord even gives us a few guidelines for abiding in His will.

Today we're going to talk about one simple word.
Just one.
One eensy, weensy, little word that should cause us all
to quake in our boots.


The verse begins by telling us when to be thankful.

A simple two letter preposition gives serious time parameters.

It means being thankful
"in the midst, in the middle, in that time."

OK, you're waiting for a great revelation
because you know what in means.

Let's talk about what it doesn't mean.

It doesn't mean being thankful underneath the trial,
hiding out from the circumstances in quaking disbelief and fear.

It doesn't mean being thankful beside a situation,
sidestepping spiritual responsibility and the work of the Potter's Hands.

It doesn't mean being thankful after a situation,
when you've seen the outcome and understand God's purpose.

It means being thankful right
before you know the outcome, the purpose or the fruit.

when the flames are the hottest,
the loneliness is the deepest,
the pain is the greatest,
the tears are the saltiest.

That's when we're to give thanks.

Do you believe that whatever you are
of God is there?
Do you believe it's His plan for you to be there?

There is a simple way I can test my heart
in the midst of a trial or hardship.
Can I lift my head and heart to the Heavens
and honestly thank the Lord?

Right when I'm

Feel like crafting to show your thankful heart?
There's still a few days left to Thanksgiving.

Summit Street Joy is offering this free printable.

Isn't it perfect?
If you use this, please stop by Lauren's blog
and thank her, since we're talking about being thankful.
 I know you'll appreciate her creativity.

 Myra at My Blessed Life
is highlighting many beautiful, free printables for Thanksgiving.

Myra also has a wonderful list of fall projects and decorating.
Stop by for some last minute inspiration.

Just remember to


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  2. Hi Mindy: Thanks SOOOO much for featuring my printable! What a blessing to me - and I hope it blesses others :) Thanks again, and I'm you're newest follower! - Lauren at SummitStreetJoy
    and ConfidentOfThis.com

  3. This is a lesson I am trying do hard to grasp...I have found I can be thankful for trials AFTER the trial...but the IN part, that is still a struggle for me.

    IN -40 degrees, trying to haul firewood....thankful for that wood, right!? ;-)

  4. Mindy, this is a great lesson, and thank you for the reminder so that when that trial comes, I will remember to say "thank you God. Maybe I don't understand why you've placed this in my life, but You do, and You always have a plan."


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