Friday, November 11, 2011

In Honor of Veterans

I've heard stories from a dear older man
who was on the beach of Normandy.

"Thank you" hardly seems enough.

I've heard stories from my 7th grade Science teacher
who returned from Viet Nam.

"Thank you" hardly seems enough.

We have men and women from the US Armed Forces
 returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Thank you" hardly seems enough.

My son-in-law, Aaron,
 honored a decorated Veteran and a brother in the Lord
with his photography.
His work is indescribable,
 I'll just let you watch.

Tissues necessary.

These men come back from their tour of duty
and try to fit back in with ordinary life.

But, life will never be ordinary again for them.

"Thank you" hardly seems enough.

But, if we don't say those two little words,
we might not say anything.

Thank You,
United States Veterans!


  1. Amen! Thank you for remembering.
    Btw, your blog is a wonderful encouragement! :)

  2. As we say Lest we forget! Thankful today too! xxx

  3. Your son in law does amazing work!! I wish we had something similar from my grandpa's funeral. What a wonderful thing for the family. And also with so many veterans in my family... Thank you for the wonderful post! Thank you does not quite seem to be enough!!

  4. Beautiful.

    It is so surreal that you should post this. I just wrote about how we should seek out retired veterans and honor them with our thanks and our listening ears. I said that the easiest way to find them is to look for their hats, just like the one featured in the video.

  5. Oh Mindy...I am undone...such a beautiful tribute.

  6. A beautiful tribute.
    We celebrate Remembrance Day. Lest we forget.

  7. What a lovely tribute. He caught all the emotions of a "homecoming" perfectly.

  8. We WILL remember them... We must never forget nor stop appreciating what they did. And what always amazes me is that they did it all and asked for nothing in return... What an example they are to us, and to our generation.
    Blessings from the UK, where our military is very precious to us too :)


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