Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Six Month Cancer Check-Up

For new readers or readers who have forgotten the details
of my thyroid cancer journey,
(that's OK, it's been over 7 years,
my own family has a hard time keeping track of the details)
I'll give a brief history.

(according to Wikipedia, this is what papillary thyroid cancer looks like)
Living with cancer isn't quiet as pretty.

June 2005 thyroid and lymph nodes removed
August 2005 Radio-active iodine treatment
April 2009 surgery to remove two more tumors
May 2009 three tumors grew back,
RAI and surgery no longer an option,
increased thyroid medication to fight cancer.

I've been HYPERthyroid for awhile.
Doctors often use the line,
"Thyroid cancer is the BEST cancer to have."
Some days I don't believe it.
However, after losing three friends to cancer in the past year,
I started to believe it.
The faith is seasoned with Survivor's Guilt,
but I now believe it.

I've been told I will never be cured,
that I won't die from my cancer,
I will die with it.
Which means, apart from a miracle,
my sure cure will be death.

It makes me so thankful I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ!
For those of you who also suffer in your earthly tent
you may be longing, like me, for that new body.
You may be longing to claim that
 promise of no more sorrow and no more pain
and to have those final tears wiped away with nail-scarred Hands.

But, today, my tears are of thankfulness and joy.
My six month lab work shows,
for the second time in a row,
no thyroid antibodies in my blood.
When cancer is active,
your body naturally produces antibodies to fight it.
My three tumors haven't grown, according to the previous sonogram,
so things are being held at bay.

Through seven years of cancer, He's never failed me.

I have failed to believe Him,
but He hasn't failed me.

He is faithful.


  1. Mindy, I don't know why, but this brought me to tears.

  2. So very thankful for your good blood work results. Also thankful for your testimony of love to the Lord Jesus. To God be the glory!!

  3. Rejoicing to hear the good news at our check-up.

  4. I am so glad to hear this. Praising God with you.

  5. So thankful to hear your good news, Sister in Christ. We love you and hope you and your family enjoy a joyful Christmas!

  6. Praise God for His faithfulness and for such wonderful blood results. xxx

  7. Mindy, what excellent news! I'm so very happy for you. Thank you for sharing. :-)

  8. I'm thankful for your good news and praising the Lord for His goodness.

  9. Mindy! I am so happy for you. GOD IS GOOD!!


    I remember well how nervous I would get before all my tests, and I have never been through anything as trying as you have. I have heard docs say, "Thyroid Cancer is the best kind to have.", still. . .
    WHOPPEE for you!!
    Thank you Jesus!!

  11. Mindy -- I'm so thankful for this! I'll continue to pray for you may prosper in health even as your soul prospers.

  12. Oh, what a blessed gift for your Christmas! Hallelujah to our Great GOD!

  13. Praise, praise, praise to God! I'm so glad for this news.

  14. Praise the Lord. SOOO thankful.
    God is truly faithful and good. No. Matter. What.

  15. I praise God for this news. He is faithful to complete all things He started. He does more than we can ever ask or imagine. He is faithful. He loves you with everlasting love. He is trustworthy! He is the Alpha and Omega - the beginning and the end. God bless your heart.


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