Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Multi-tasking Momma

Moms are busy.

Moms have kids that always need Nummies in their Tummies
because they're Mindless Eating Machines.

Moms have kids that need to often be reminded
I Think I Can!

Moms have kids that Cry, Sneeze, Barf, Fart and make Annoying Sounds.

Moms sometimes have to yell at their husbands,
Engage Bob!

Moms know There's Nothing More Toxic or Deadly Than a Human Child.
We sometimes don't dare enter their rooms.

So, when Moms can't
their busy lives and the To-Do-Lists that go to
Infinity and Beyond,
 they have to multi-task.

I used an acrylic cookbook stand to hold the Science text
so I could read Rebekah's lesson out loud.

Business shirts were ironed,
and Algebra questions from the teenage boy answered.

I made a few trips downstairs to throw another load in the washer
and pull out meat from the freezer for dinner.

It was one of those rare Super Mom kinda' days,
where I accomplished so much, I felt like a Superhero.

Now, if I could just muster up enough energy for the sequel...

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  1. I had to laugh every time I came across a line from a movie. I got "Toy Story - To Infinity & Beyond" and "The Incredibles - Engage Bob!" You're too funny.
    It's the truth, some days our energy is out of this world... but the next day we're still tired.


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