Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Flowers That Won't Fade

Sometimes I'm a little slow in getting a blog post done.

I made these headbands over a year ago,
but you probably didn't need to know that.

I started with silk flowers from the Dollar Store,

and a wide headband from the Dollar Store.

I like my flowers to be really full, so I began by taking the flowers apart,
and throwing away all the plastic pieces.

I know some of the craft bloggers would probably make
something really cool out of those pieces,
but I needed to get them in a garbage can before they ended up
my grandchildren's noses.

Of course, my kids didn't do strange things like that,
but my grandkids sure do. 
Don't know where they get some of their habits. :)
Any hoo...

I prepared my supplies.

The layers of silk flowers were sewn together,
then sewn onto the headband.

I used a lot of stitches.
Kids can be rough on things.


Isn't she loverly???
I love huge flowers on beautiful little girls.
Brookelyn, my first granddaughter.

Grandson Brayden, is also adorable, but yanked this off his head.
He doesn't like fluffy stuff.
After all, his nickname is Bubba.
Doesn't every family need a Bubba?

$2 each

He definately didn't like the pink one.
Silly family.
Why would they put flowers on a little boy and take his picture when he cried?

I dunno.
Cuz' he's so stinkin' adorable?

My daughter, Rebekah, (far left) is in a Keepers at Home
group with these girls and their moms.
The Lord brought us together in a wonderful way,
all four moms have older teenage kids,
and second grade daughters.

I've been teaching the girls handsewing,
so this was the perfect project to work on their skills.
Some of the girls chose to hot glue a large button
 in the middle of their flowers.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Flowers are a reminder for one of my favorite promises in the Bible,

I Peter 1:24-25
The grass withers,
And its flower falls away,
But the word of the LORD
 endures forever.”

These girls are being raised with more than just helpful skills,
for their future lives.
They're being raised with the enduring Word of God,
for their eternal lives.


  1. That is so fun!. I bet my 8 year old would love to try that project. Thanks for the idea.

    As for Bubba...every home does indeed need a Bubba. My little Dude will often correct us, "I not ____, I Bubba!"

  2. Beautiful little girls :)

    The book has me interested. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It seems like so much fun to have a girl! I have been purposing to play more everyday with my boys. And It has been such a blessing. We are all in so much better of moods!


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