Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Voice of Vicodin

A few short hours after I returned from the hospital Friday morning,
the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal began,
an annual writing conference sponsored by Northwest Christian Writers Association.

With adrenalin and caffeine,
I jumped into my day  fulfilling some responsibilities I volunteered for,
including chauffeuring our guest speaker, Dr. Robert Cornuke.

A Biblical adventurer and investigator, founder of the BASE Institute,
he has searched for Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant,

After the age of 50, he began publishing books, and had 8 published in 10 years.

His keynote address, writing workshop and closing remarks
were a great encouragement for the writers gathered.
For those of us who get exhausted climbing a few stairs,
it was exciting to see footage of his mountainous adventures.

When he learned my brother, Lee,
couldn't attend any of the meetings due to a little heart problem,
he asked to accompany me to the hospital for a visit on Saturday.

I knew my brother Lee was recovering well when they immediately began discussing
ancient manuscripts, hieroglyphics, ancient history and the Cuneiform alphabet.

Dr. Cornuke went through passages in the Bible to discuss his discovery
of four anchors, which lead him to the high probability that he found Paul's shipwreck.

My brother was uncharacteristically exuberant over the visit.

He exclaimed,
"Next to getting saved,
this was the best day of my life!"

His wife, Nita, remember she just
saved his life,
gently challenged him about another special day in Lee's life -
their wedding day.

When I said goodbye to Lee he said,
"I love you, Sweetie."

It was shocking, in a heart warming kinda' way.
I was thinking that maybe this trauma had not just stopped his heart,
but maybe softened it a little.
Maybe my big brother would become a litte less Norwegian,
and a little more affectionate.

It was encouraging.

Until last night.

I dropped in to find him with a stack of paperwork next to his computer.
 He said, "I was reading my charts and found out why
 I was so happy in the hospital. 
I mean, I'm always pretty positive,
but I was just really, really, happy.
They were givin' me

That explained it all.

He didn't remember calling me Sweetie.

He admitted that the wedding day was a little more special
that meeting Dr. Robert Cornuke,
although he was thankful and appreciative for the opportunity to meet him.

Now, the brother I have always known is back.
A little stoic, a little reserved and not very affectionate.

But, I will always remember those sweet words,
whispered by the Voice of Vicodin.


  1. I really enjoyed Robert and think that he visited your brother is amazing. It shows how humble he is, a quality I greatly admire.
    May God continue to bless you through your brother's illness. :)

  2. What a neat experience to be able to talk with such a man of God.

    "The Voice of Vicodin" ~ You're too funny!

  3. I love picking my husband up after his "routine medicated procedures." He's drugged to the gills and is so sweet and affectionate.

    So glad your brother's doing well!


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