Thursday, May 19, 2011

April Showers....

 ...brought a lot of crabby spirits....
a lot of puddles...
a lot of cold days....
a lot of weeds...

I couldn't sit out on deck in morning with my coffee and my Bible.
 I couldn't put out the cushions for the deck furniture.
 I couldn't sit through a baseball or softball game without
a hat, mittens, scarf, wool socks, blankets, and hand-warmers.

We were close to breaking records with the amount of cold and rain.

When sun finally came out on April 23rd, we had "enjoyed" a record of 
56 straight days without an official sunny day.

April showers
finally brought the cliched
May Flowers.

I can't remember the name of this plant,
but it is finally starting to creep down over the edges of the rock garden.

To some these are weeds,
but they look wonderful along the edge of my driveway.

I think this is a weed, too. 
It just started growing and was pretty, so I kept it.

I know this is a bleeding heart.
It was one of the first things I planted when we bought the house,
because my Gramma Geneva always had one by her door.

I brought this old milk can from North Dakota,
and planted this purple thing in it.

Gardening in the PNW has been a challenge,
because all the plants and weeds are different than what I grew up with.
I'm never sure what I planted and what should be pulled.

But, as I walked around my garden today,
taking pictures of the plants I can't remember the names of,
I knew all the rain wasn't without purpose.

Trials are like rain.
They're inevitable
and necessary.

Someday they'll bloom into something beautiful
in the garden of our lives,
after we endure the storms.

And when the rains continue to pour down,
and there seems to be no sun on the horizon,
lift your face to the skies by faith.

We know,
April Showers
always bring
May Flowers,
because the
will shine.


  1. Mindy - They all look like flowers to me and I can only imagine how welcome they must be after all the rain. Love the variety of colors too!

  2. :) I guess the cliche is true... crazy how we get so much rain. Sometimes I don't realize it, because it's there so often.
    I think the plant in the milk jug is vinca minor (sp?), and the smal white flower photo after that is candy tuft. :) Both like to spread around.


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