Monday, April 26, 2010

Sumthin' Outta' Nuttin'

If there is one thing I learned working with Florence
at Box T Bible and Saddle Camp,
you can make
in the kitchen.

Along with her husband, Lewellyn,
they used their ranch in the middle of North Dakota
as a Bible Camp for many decades.

They were loved for their love for the Lord,
and their love for the young people that
stomped on their grass,
trampled their flowers,
wrestled on their furniture,
and broke things.

They had patience unlimited for youthful pranks,
immature and mature crushes,
smelly cowboy boots,
giggling after hours,
spiritual questions,
and mistakes in the kitchen.

Florence was amazing with food.
She fed the campers from a kitchen the size of
some people's dining room table.

I watched her rescue desert when someone accidentally used
Russian tea mix instead of cocoa
in the brownies.

I laughed when a pan of baked oatmeal
was tipped over in the oven,
and the rescued portion miraculously became the
bottom of a creamy, fruity desert.

When my cupboards were bare,
her influence spurred on
thrift and creativity.

The kids hadn't sealed the package of tortillas,
so the edges were all crusty.

A scissors took care of that mess.

I grated the chunks of cheese I found,
cutting off a few spots of mold
and the dried edges.
I guess the cheese bags weren't sealed, either.

A wonderfully warm lunch,
that my kids thought was SO special.
It was just like in a restaurant!

They didn't know how I had to literally cut and scrape
to make this meal.

It felt good to be so frugal.
It felt good to think about Florence,
 a woman who influenced my faith
even more than my culinary skills.

I was even wondering,
if I were living during WWII,
would I have even cut off the crusty edges?
Or would I have cut them off
and made something else out of them?

But, there is something more to consider,
than just a recipe from dry tortillas and moldy cheese.

Other than food,
we can waste time,
spiritual gifts,
our homes,
our belongings,
our relationships,
and money.

We waste them by not using them for the Lord.

How are you making
in your life?


Read Jeff's blog giving great tribute to
Florence and Lewellyn Tewksbury,
of Box T Bible and Saddle Camp.


  1. Love it! What a great example they were!

  2. Good reminders.. we were encouraged and convicted yesterday by brother Mark W, everything is the Lord's- our cars, money, shoes, kitchens- all our worldly possesions, what are we doing with them?? Are we using them to further His Kingdom? We can only serve one master! Luke 15 & 16.

    Thanks- and oh, add alittle mayo, salsa and maybe some chicken next time to make Quesadillas!

  3. Great post -- great reminders of how we should strive to live! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love the way that you turn every day life into lessons as we focus on Christ. Not everyone can do this. You have a great gift. The Lord does want us to be good stewards and you were being a great steward by thinking outside the box (even if it took a little help from someone else). I have a friend that I will often call when I need some creativity in the kitchen.


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