Friday, April 9, 2010

Squinting Wrinkles and Wrinkle Creams

This aging process brings on many skin ailments that require a lot of attention.

I have moisturizers for day and night, a cleanser for daily use and one for weekly use. I have a cream for puffy eyes, a powder to cover redness, a medication for eczema and a medication for rosacea. I have a lotion for dry, scaly feet, one for after-sun and one for daily use. I have concealer for the bags under my eyes.

I have all kinds of products that daily remind me-





But, the mystery of all mysteries is this - if these products are made with aging people in mind, then doesn't it go without saying that if the skin around their eyes need help, so does their eyesight?

So, why are all the bottles smeared with labels in the smallest font known to mankind? Even in the brightest light of the bathroom, with both pairs of my reading glasses on, I can't begin to read the tiny print.

Half the time I think I'm using the daytime moisturizer at night and the night moisturizer in the day and putting the eye salve on my lips.

Why can't they use large print so I can actually read the directions with only one pair of glasses?

How about using a  large logo of  a sun for daytime potions and a moon for nighttime potions?

I think it is a scam.

The more I try to read their labels, the more I squint.

The more I squint, the more wrinkles I create.

The more wrinkles I create, the more cream I need to cure the wrinkles.

The more creams I have, the more I squint trying to read the labels.

The more I squint, the more wrinkles I create...

Believe it or not, WRINKLES is in the King James Bible.

Job 16:8
And thou hast filled me with wrinkles,
which is a witness against me:
and my leanness rising up in me beareth witness to my face.

Sometimes the KJV can be a little confusing.

Does this mean wrinkles are the Lord's will?

Should I give up reading those labels and just throw away the drawer full of creams?

Or should I keep applying the creams to  the wrinkles I created while squinting to read the labels on the creams I need to erase the wrinkles I get from squinting?

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  1. Loved this!! Too funny! Doesn't it say somewhere in Proverbs that gray hairs are a woman's crown of glory? The Bible must consider those with gray hairs and wrinkles blessed! And so should they be - if we have made it that far, we didn't accumulate wrinkles and gray hairs without a little pain in life! (Even if it was just from squinting at the labels!) God bless you Mindy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ha! Funny!

    I am just trying to cure my acne.
    Then I will focus on aging creams and the like! :)

  3. Oh funny! I can't stand the aches and pains of getting old! I do think they are out to get us though! LOL!
    Thanks for linking up.
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Taking off the scam part of this: I think they hide the ingredients on purpose for the same reason they use the pharmaceutical(50letterlongwords) name for ingredients like alcohol? A skin drying ingredient. If we knew some of the stuff in the stuff we might not buy it.

    I quit doing certain hot oil treatment for my hair years ago since they use ingredients from aborted fetus's in them. Maybe I should check it on Snopes but my informer was a person who usually has her facts straight.

    I agree with your conspiracy thinking! It's a high money making market that is for sure!! Now, I will go put on my Clinique make-up. (crying follows)


  5. LOL! Too funny! Guess I need to throw out those wrinkle creams. ;)

  6. are so funny and so cute. I never noticed you had any ANY (in case you couldn't see that font ;-) wrinkles.

    Silly beautiful girl.



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