Friday, April 23, 2010

What Happens at Gramma's, Stays at Gramma's

You think I would know better.

I began helping raise my five siblings
 when my Mom went back to work
the summer after I finished third grade.

I have been parenting my own children for almost 22 years,
and even though all six aren't grown up,
they are all still alive, safe and normal…well, kinda'.

It was supposed to just be a nice weekend visit,
where I would dote on my darling granddaughter, hold her,
play with her and not feed her sugar
because her Mommy won't let me.

How did I forget, in a few short years,
what damage and danger can occur
 if you lose track of a one year old…

for only 15 seconds…

or less?

"Splish, Splash, my hand is taking a little bath."

I guess she wanted to fish with the Scrabble tile rack....
the toilet WAS flushed.....I didn't guarantee clean.....

"See, Gramma, I'm playing with your Cabbage Patch dolls now."

Yea, in my antique DOLL playpen.....

"Oh, so this is what candy tastes like! MMMMM Good!"

Relax, Mom, the cellophane was still on.......

"This lego guy doesn't taste as good as the candy cane, anyway."

Besides, I know from YEARS of experience
that most small lego pieces can be pooped out if swallowed....

"I think I better help un-decorate the tree."

She grabbed my newest ornament,
the one I cherish in my heart,
the most irreplaceable.....

It is the ornament I bought last year that gives my newest title,
 my newest profession
and my newest source of damage, duty and distress.
Oh, yea, it also is the title of my newest source of love, joy and adoration.
The ornament she is clutching in her toilet-splashing, tree-mauling hands says



This blog was originally posted December 18, 2008.

I am reposting to participate in
Homesteader's Heart Friday Funnies.
Drop by for a few laughs to begin your weekend right.

To follow further adventures of the much grown-up Brookelyn,
and her Chubby Bubby Brother Bradyn
check out my daughter's blog
The Roli Poli's.


  1. Oh so cute! Loved the story. Too funny!
    Thanks for linking it up today.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL! TOo cute! :D

    Have a great weekend!

  3. We are just not as quick as we used to be....and somehow everything the little grand child does seems so clever!!


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