Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mom, how do you know EVERYTHING?

I had just painted 7 year-old Beka's fingernails a light lavender.

She was sitting in my room, in front of the fake fireplace, blowing on her nails, impatiently longing for them to be dry so I could add her second coat, then the little flower decals.

She asked me, "Mom, if it is a little sticky, does that mean it is done?"

"No," I replied, "that means it is still wet. When it is dry it will be smooth to the touch."

"Oh." Then with the respect ALL my children should learn from her, she said in awe, "Mom, how do you know EVERYTHING? Did you go to different colleges to learn all the things in life you needed to know?"

It is an amazing feeling to be totally respected, admired, mimicked and loved beyond reason by our younger children. It gives us confidence, courage, joy and relief.

It also fills your heart with precious memories for those coming years when you become...ummm...well....ummmmm....not so smart in the eyes of your kids. 

Soon after hitting that major mile-stone of double-digits, they begin to think more about life and faith and began learning that needed life skill of making their own decisions.

They will take everything you say, do, think, wear, say, eat, cook, believe, practice, promote and live and hold it up to the scrutiny of their own heart, mind, body and soul.

This is a natural and important part of their growing up.  It isn't always just rebellion and rejection. They need to evaluate all you hold dear to your heart and see if they truly believe it enough to practice it because they believe it or because you tell them to.

Sometimes your ways will pass the test, other times, like a spotty glass, they will be set aside.

As the years go by and they run out of clean glasses, they will remember that with a little washing and polishing, all those glasses are actually useable.

So, little by little, they will revisit those cast-off ideas and  adopt some, adapt some, still cast off some, but  begin marveling at the wisdom you have gained.

By the time they are parents, they will once again be wondering -

"Mom, how do you know EVERYTHING? Did you go to different colleges to learn all the things in life you needed to know?"

I know.

'Cuz my Mom is now he smartest, wisest, bestest woman I know.

So, I wanna know, Mom, how do you know EVERYTHING?


  1. Awwww what a sweet story.

    Thank you for sharing it.t

  2. yes, thank you. I love being able to read one of your posts first thing in the morning

  3. I'm just thankful kids start young with young questions. :)
    Loved the post, Mindy. =)

    Tell Becca that Mia just thought of her yesterday. She remembered the tent Becca made during chapel last summer at SBL. :) We had a nice chat about it. Can't wait to see you all - Lord willing.

  4. You are so right! I'm back to the stage where I'm pretty sure my mom knows an awful lot!

  5. Oh, this post made me cry!! What a precious story. Thank you for such a wonderful word picture too. encouraging!!

  6. Great story and observations, Mindy. Being the Mum/ teacher really adds to their thinking we know it all. Wow! awesome responsivility!


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