Friday, March 12, 2010

It Was Just A Little Lump

My husband and I had just moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest with our six kids. In the midst of all the chaos my oldest daughter began suffering with daily headaches and I was plagued with a neck ache. It hurt to sleep, it hurt to stand, it hurt to sit with this nagging pain. We found a chiropractor in the new neighborhood and began going several times a week for adjustments.

In October 2004, after one of the treatments, I was massaging my relieved neck when I found it.

It was just a little lump.

Just a tiny little lump on the upper right side of my neck.

To read the rest of the story, please pop over to the newly launched blog Mothers Living With Cancer.

Although it is a community none of us planned on joining, ten moms with cancer have banded together to blog for  encouragement, friendship and support. We have various religions, geographical locations, educations, aspirations and dreams.

But, we all have cancer.

We all are moms.

Our blog states,

"Living with cancer is always a challenge.

Raising kids, while living with cancer,
is an even greater challenge.

Together, we can share our experiences, our concerns,
and our support.

Together, we are strong."

I would love to have you become a follower and support, encourage and pray us through our personal cancer journeys.  You all have been such an encouragement to me, I know you could bless others, as well.

Thank you for reading, thank you for praying, thank you for loving this mommy with cancer.


  1. ((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))

    Love you Mindy!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  2. Lord Give Mindy and these precious women the strength and healing they need during this time. Amen.

  3. I will pass along your site to anyone who would benefit from it. Thanks for all the encouragement you give others.

  4. A speical bunch of women for sure. I followed over there, Mindy and will seek to remember you brave girls in prayer as the posts come up. I know you will be a tremendous encouragement to the others.


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