Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fading Flowers and Eternal Bouquets

I love flowers.

I love them in my gardens.

I love fresh bouquets on my dining room table.

My husband buys me flowers so often,

I bought a special vase just for his love offerings.

When I found these miniature daffodils

and grape hyacinths at Trader Joes,

I knew they would be a perfect pick-me-up

in the kitchen windowsill.

The tin cans were a gift from my niece, Lydia.

She found a box full  at a garage sale and just KNEW

her auntie would love the ol' things.

They move around my house a lot,

as I find different uses for them.

Too soon, the flowers looked like this.

I planted the bulbs in the garden,

and put the tins back on display.

With this picture of bloomless, wilting flowers emblazed on my mind,

I began meditating on -

I Peter 1:24-25
"...The grass withers,
And its flower falls away,
But the word of the LORD
endures forever.”

My favorite preacher,
my husband,
often reminds people that
there are only three things
that last for eternity.


wrote the Bible
for the people,
so if the people,
read the Bible,
they will know

A hearst has never pulled a U-Haul.

The only things we can bring to heaven

is our knowledge of His Word

and other souls that have trusted God's Son as their Savior.

nothing else

Flowers are beautiful,

but will fade.

The Word of God,

and His promise of salvation

to all who believe

will bloom eternally.

Who would you like

 in the bouquet of souls

you help win to the Lord?


  1. I am praying for a couple of family members to accept the Lord now.

    I love the flowers in the tins!

  2. Lovely post and a reminder I need daily. This earth will pass away!

    I laughed when I read,
    "a hearst never pulled a U-Haul"
    It just hit my funny bone. LOL. How very true though.

  3. Beautiful post Mindy, for in the end it is all about souls. We want to see all the people we know who not born again to be standing on the right side on that day!

    I praise God for His creation, those flowers that just uplift and bring joy! xxx


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