Saturday, March 6, 2010

Krispy Kreme King

We were in Seattle, and as usual,
a massive accident changed our driving plans. 
Since the three police cars and the four cars kept us from turning left,
we turned right.

It had to have been a sign from the Lord, the kids assumed,
when they saw the Krispy Kreme sign ahead.

Yes, we stopped. 

If the Lord went to all that work to cause an accident
 just so I would drive past a place to treat my kids 
 - to high cholestorel, cavities, high blood sugar,
and enough fat to begin clogging their arteries -
then how could I say NO?

Grace is shocked. 
 We haven't had donuts in years.
We occasionally get them instead of a birthday cake.
We're not big cake eaters, either.

Especially since I learned cancer feeds on sugar.
The kids always want to feed my cancer.

Of course, colored stripes make them taste better.

I have this love hate relationship with snacks.
It is fun to buy your kids treats.
It is convicting knowing they are eating
something with no food value.

Once they were all gone,
and it didn't take long,
Jon still had an urge for Krispy Kreme donuts.
I didn't want to drive back to Seattle.
He looked on the internet.

He found a recipe.
He mixed the dough.
He rolled out the dough.
The rolling pin was a wedding gift
from Gramma Else.

He cut the dough.
Antique metal cutter from a garage sale.
I didn't even know I had it in my collection.
I bought it cuz it was old and cool.
I certainly never intended to use it.

He made the glaze.

Then he deep fat fried them in canola oil on the stove.

You pat them on paper towels,
then dip them in the glaze.

Are ya' droolin' yet?

There aren't any left.

They tasted nearly like Krispy Kreme donuts.
Jon thinks he'll add a little more sugar to the donut recipe next time.

It was an astounding outcome for a first time recipe.

That's my boy -
the Krispy Kreme King!


  1. He's going to be a chef, isn't he. :-)

  2. Oh that's sweet- both the KK King and the donuts! They look amazing. I think I remember learning once they are a better choice if you're gonna eat donuts...something about them rising, getting a nice crust on them and then floating across the oil not submerged in it. Oh, how we dearly miss our Krispie Kreme on the corner of 45th St!! Man, I could go for one of those- it's been years!

  3. Congratulations to you on making great memories and to your son making great donuts!

    If you want to share the link or recipe, I make donuts once a year (for Chanukah) and am always on the look out for a good new recipe.


  4. My husband is also a big Krispy Kreme fan and since we moved north everyone around here prefers Dunkin Donuts and there is no Krispy Kreme. Do you care to share the recipe? It looks delicious and yes, artery clogging. Just a few would be okay to me. With all of the flour I have recently purchased I will be making a lot of breads.

  5. yummm!!!

    can you email me the recipe (after he has perfected it...)

  6. Way to go Jon! That's awesome.

  7. Wow, these look soooo good. My stomach is definitely rumbling :) (By the way, my "word verification" is "chomp." Very fitting!)

  8. "Sugar feeds cancer" is a myth. The myth originated from some rather ancient research done back in the 1930's. Obviously, a healthy diet is "moderation in all things". So, the occasional sugary treat isn't all that bad. Since that study, it has been discovered that sugar/glucose promotes cell growth equally of both healthy and unhealthy cells in the body. Even if you somehow completely cut sugar from your diet, the body has enough glucose to continue feeding cancerous cells for a really long time.


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