Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Toothless Wonder

An apple a day,
keeps the doctor away.
But losing a tooth a day,
keeps the apple away.

Beka just wanted to eat an apple.

She was missing many teeth and some remaining ones were loose... she gnawed and gnawed and tried to break the skin.

Back to the right side.

Back to the left side.

It was a slightly awkward stage.

Not quite as cute as when the top two and bottom two were missing
at the same time,
but definately still cute enough
to be labeled "a keeper."

It's during these stages we call our kids
"The Toothless Wonder."

After seeing all those puncture wounds,
I did what any Mommy would do -

 -I started the apple for her.

Like a momma bird,
I just bit out a few chunks for her to eat,
and let her take it from there.


Kids go through a lot of different stages.

Some are easier than others to overcome.
Some stages are overcome with natural growth.
Some take discipline.
Some need more training.

All need more patience, love and encouragement
and a lot of prayer.

A Mommy's wisdom  is needed
to know when to step in
and take that first big bite.

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