Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two Diets, One God

I had never been on a diet in my life until I came down with thyroid cancer.

The low iodine diet is challenging, but necessary.  By removing iodine from my body with changes in my diet, when it's injected into my body with radioactivity attached, it will go straight to my cancerous thryoid cells.

The smaller dose is used to diagnose.

A larger dose is used to kill the cancer.

Too much radioactivity over a lifetime could cause more cancer.

I was surprised to find out how many foods have iodine in them.  You eliminate all things made with salt because even though it is law that they are to label food "iodized salt" or "non-iodized salt" they usually don't. So anything prepacked, premade, store bought or made in a restaurant is eliminated.

Dairy is eliminated because they use iodine to wash the cows' udders, therefore iodine is in all dairy products.

Vitamins and supplements can contain iodine.

Seafoods contain iodine because of naturally occurring iodine in the oceans.

Red Dye #3 has iodine.

No egg yolks.

No soy products.

Additives made from seaweed have iodine.

Going out to eat is usually avoided, but I wanted to treat my girls.

Grace ate a Monster Burger.

Bethany at a Monster Burger.

Momma ate a bowl of vegetables and a plain lettuce salad.

My diet allows me to eat all the fruits and vegetables I want.

Because of iodine in feeds and the way they inject most meat with salt water, I am allowed five ounces of meat a day.

I am allowed one ounce of cheese a day.

I can eat four servings of breads, grains or cereals a day.

I can eat natural, saltless peanut butter.

I can eat unsalted nuts.

Everytime I eat my veggies, I think of my son, Daniel.

In January, he and two buddies, Mike and TJ, dedicated the month of February to the Daniel Diet, the diet Daniel followed in the Old Testament.  Along with the diet, they commited to more prayer to seek the Lord and commit themselves more fully to Him.

Daniel started his diet February 1st, the day I found out and began my low-iodine diet.

As I am munching away, I am reminded of how the Lord called three young men to walk the path with me.

I am encouraged.

And, I am not alone.

Sometimes hungry, but not alone.


  1. That is special that your son, Daniel and his 2 friends, are devoting Febraury to eating the "Daniel diet" and praying for you. This will help you to not feel so all alone as you have had to change your diet. Be thankful for Daniel.

  2. oh, what a sweet story about your son's diet. I like too that you explain here what the LID is, thus educating people who are not familiar with it and Thyroid cancer. Still working on the LID brownies(: praying for you. -Marlena

  3. I love that your son did that! Good luck with your diet. That must be hard. You are a strong person.

  4. I've always loved studies on early Hebrew diets and how much healthier they were than the way others would eat at the time. God truly did want the best for his chosen people - thus he told them what to eat and how to live. How precious that your son is joining you. Sounds like a great kid. Still praying for you.


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