Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heart Flashcards

I'd been wanting to post on these flashcards for awhile.

Today I am glad I procrastinated.

What a fun math project for Valentine's Week!

They're not just for moms whose children are housetrained.
(That's what my oldest son nicknamed homeschooling.)

Ya' know, all Moms end up being teaching moms,
even if they don't homeschool.

Pop over to my blog hOmE tEaChEd
for directions.

For those of you not interested in flashcards at this stage of life -

a love verse.

Jude 1:21 "Keep yourselves in the love of God,
 looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ
 unto eternal life.


  1. hometrained! :) cute cards! Hope you are feeling well. :)

  2. Very cute, and perfect for this time of year. I'll definitely check 'em out.

  3. Jude 1:21, What a great Bible verse.

    I don't hear that quoted to often.

    Thanks for the blessing, Ron

  4. Hometrained! that is so cute, love it. I like your cards as well.


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