Friday, February 26, 2010

Giving off Gamma Rays

The Grand Finale of the week
was the Thyroid Uptake Scan.

I brought Scott.

I'm looking at this narrow little table,
wondering where my head goes,
and  how I am going to stay on it.

This is how you stay on.
Having your arms tied down isn't good for clausterphobic people.
The technician thoughtfully put a heated blanket over me.
A heated blanket isn't good for
hot-flashing clausterphobic people.
I had to ask him to please remove it.

I was getting fidgety.
I quickly pulled my arms out and braided my hair
so little stranglers wouldn't tickle my face.
The towel under my neck wasn't perfectly straight.
I knew that would drive me insane.
I really, really, really, had
dry lips, but no time for chapstick.
I had to suck it up.

He firmly reminded me that I would have to remain still
as soon as he began the machine.
I always feel like a bad child during these tests.

Once the test begins, you cannot move for 45 minutes.
That's right. 45 minutes. 
No talking, no itching, no jiggling,
no toe wiggling, no whispering, nothing.

Scott is along for moral support. 
 With the old machine,
he would sit near my sit and hold them,
and sing hymns and share verses with me.
It relieves that panic of having something so close to my head,
that if I sneezed,
I could do some serious brain damage.

With the new machine, he had to sit behind me and talk.
He has been listening through the  I Kings,
so decided to pass the time by
giving me a walk through the Tabernacle. 
 He talked of the cedar walls covered with pure gold,
the inlaid palm trees, open flowers and cherabim adorning the gold.
It was so beautiful and I lay with my eyes closed,
picturing the ornamental details.
He described how each piece of the Tabernacle was made outside,
so that there was no sound of saws or hammers inside.
The construction was perfect.
Each item was created to perfect measurements,
 then brought in, and set in place.
He started to stammer,
I think he was running out of details for  his Tabernacle tour.
He paused, then said,
"Just keep walking, it is a long hallway."

I almost giggled.
I fought the urge.

There was no way I was going to start this test over.

The machine, folded up after use.
Those things that were above and below are gamma cameras.
I was giving off gamma rays
because of the radioactive iodine I took on Wednesday.
Sounds like some science fiction freak thing, huh?
Nuclear medicine is horrifying and amazing all at once.

So, I am off the diet for now.
I have an appointment with the surgeon next Tuesday.
The endocrinologist called this afternoon with the test results,
but I was at McDonalds,
eating some fatty,
nasty, SALTY French fries.
I don't mind missing the news.
 I can have Saturday and Sunday to NOT think about cancer.

We're feeling the peace in the valley. 
The Lord has brough us through this emotionally grueling week.

Day Five is Over


  1. that test is just excruciating! You are just marvellous! Your hubby is a gem!

    I'm thinking, as you walked through the tabernacle, how we have access through Christ into the Holy of Holies, through the veil. Praise God! who strengthens you for each trial.

  2. What a great blessing your husband is, especially during this critical time and test.

    Glad you got to enjoy your french fries. ;) Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll be praying for peace and healing.

  3. Forty-five minutes of no movement sounds near impossible. Wow.

    I hope on your two days of not thinking about cancer that you head out for a big ol' juicy steak too. :)

  4. I am glad you are enjoying your return to regular food and your weekend of peace!

    I thought it would be hard to wait over my holiday without answers, but am finding it surprisingly refreshing to have it off my head.

    I hope we both get good news soon!

  5. I am so glad you are sharing all of this Mindy. You are such a remarkable woman to let us "strangers" into this personal happening in your life. How wonderful that God has blessed you with such a Godly husband to be right beside you (or behind you...) for all this. Praying, EVERY DAY!

  6. Hi Mindy...I really appreciate you sharing this, for nearly instantly some of the petty things I am worried about have dropped off.

    What honor you and your husband portray to each other.

    Enjoy your weekend! xxx

  7. I love the walking through the tabernacle!

    I suppose they put the warm blanket on you, hoping that you'll sleep.

  8. What an encouragement that must have been to you to have your sweet husband take you on a journey through the scriptures. Nothing better to wrap your mind around, then God's Word.

  9. Popped over to meet you from Ruby's blog.

    You truly are a remarkable lady to share this is such a fun light hearted way for us. Is it wrong to say that i was giggling as I read it?

    Your faith has inspired me. Thank you.


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