Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bind Us Together

I am one who likes to be organized.
Actually, I love to be organized.
I don't function well when things are not organized.
I like to know where things are
and where they go when I am done with them.

I long for my family to have that same passion.
They don't, yet.

My organizational system has to be easy enough for the rest of the family,
who doesn't obssess over organization,
(I just LOVE that word - organization)
to utilize.

I had several different binders in the cupboard,
poorly labeled,

I saw a blog with this cute idea,
matching, scrapbooked binders.

If you are the blogger who posted this idea, please leave your link below.
I totally gapped out who inspired me and I would love to give you credit!

I made a mistake in buying binders from Target
 in their new bulk section in the back of the store 6/$7.
These two weren't even used.
I checked the four I had completed,
and they were cracked already.
I knew when I bought them they were cheap and wouldn't last long.
I expected them to last longer than a week.
I brought them back and back individual, more expensive binders.
I love saving money as much as I love organizing.

Completed binders in cupboard.
Got rid of about ten unused cookbooks in the process.
Yea!  Declutter!

*Amazing Grace and Jon both love to cook.  They each have a binder for the recipes they have collected from other people and from magazines.

*Low Iodine - has the guidelines and recipes to follow the diet I need to utilize as part of the thyroid cancer treatment.

*Meal Planning - a work in progress where I am listing all types of meals I can make from each type of meat, salads, side dishes, breads, soups for quick inspirational reference
-have included various articles about menu planning, nutritional values, etc.
-one section for those magazine pages I have ripped out with recipes I want to try

*Christmas - contains lists of who we send and receive Christmas cards from each year and recipes for all our traditional goodies.  Recipes easily get lost in my house, so I copied every Christmas recipe over in red and green fine tipped markers on index cards and keep in clear pages with slots. 

*Household - one tab for the ongoing Case of the Leaky Dishwasher, one for doctors/dentists, one for garbage/recycle/yardwaste brochures, one for Honey Do projects, one for long-term projects

*Addresses - we have address listings for the church we attend, along with the directories from three other churches we have attended

Each binder is a work in progress and will be improved as we use it.  For now, I just get excited everytime we open the door and see the red and white goodness gleaming from that top shelf. 
This project SHOULD bind us together with cords of organization that cannot be broken.
What are YOU working on to organize your life?


  1. WOW! This is what I need! I love organization and this is a great area for some binders. I love the matching covers and labels. Job well done!!

  2. I have a green binder full of sheet protectors with my favorite recipes in it. I love it. 14 years later, it may be a bit rusty but it still makes me happy to open my cabinet and see it.

    RivkA told me to look you up, she is a real life friend of mine. Like you, I also had/have thyca and am dealing with a possible new recurrence.

  3. Liba, thanks so much for dropping by and introducing yourself. I am glad we have the binders in common, :) but sorry to hear you are also looking at thyroid recurrence. It is a tough road to travel, but blessings still abound. One blessing, meeting other people such as yourself. Would love to stay in touch.

  4. Great idea dn they look great too!
    I try to pray for you as you come to mind Mindy, I hope things are going okay. ♥

  5. What am I working on for organization? Working on re-organizing to organize formally on how to be married to an organized women in an orginized way without causing dis-orginization which would be and result in total dis-organization.

  6. I love the binder idea. Just today I actually did a food inventory of my refrigerator, freezer, and chest freezer. It was a LOT of work, but I think that this would be a good thing to put in a meal planner binder in a clear page protector. I hope that you are feeling well. I pray for you often.

  7. I nearly cried out when I saw your meal planning binder. That is the exact thing that I have been imaginatively stalked by since I got married in August 2009. It has always been my intent to have one. I am horrible at deciding what to cook, even worse, I am horrible at churning out productive meals on the spot. I put off the big "what's for dinner" question until its dinner time and then I sit dumbfounded about what to do next. Unfortunately this is the reason why we sometimes alternate between 5 quick and easy recipes (turkey tacos, enchilada soup etc.). How are you using this meal plan binder? I've been told to plan a weeks worth of meals ahead of time, shop on Sunday for all of the ingredients and voila!

    Help me!

  8. Kayce, I think we should perfect this together, then!

    So far I started lists for breads, breakfast, beef/hamburger, chicken, lunch, pork/seafood, sandwiches, soups, salads, vegetables and side dishes. The recipes are in my recipe drawer, but I am thinking of adding them to the binder. I am also thinking of a way to make something that shows a week where you take out the menu item cards, and put them in the chart for the week. You pick a meat, a bread, a sidedish, a salad. It has to be very practical and easy to use.

    Add Debbie's idea of inventory and you have a system that works different for each person because it is the food they have and the meals they make. We don't eat casseroles, so I have a hard time finding recipes from others.

    I used to shop weekly and plan, but we made the mistake of moving a few blocks away from the grocery store. :)

    Would love more input on how to make the meal planning binder work!

  9. I'd love to get a copy of your meal planning binder or get tips/notes. I've been trying to come up with something like that so I have quick ideas! Nice Mindy!


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